Summer DIY Round-Up

Summer sunset

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Hi Everyone!

This will be dread news to some, but summer is fading. It’s not gone, yet.  But, it’s fading. For everything, there is a season turn, turn, turn – thanks, Pete Seeger, and the Byrds. Actually, I think that’s the Bible – except for the turn, turn, turn part.

In any case, I’m hoping that all of the summer projects everyone out there has taken on have helped you to transform your outdoor living spaces in 2011. And just as a sort of review of some of those projects, here are 10 popular highlights of summer projects that we talked about over the past few summer months.


How to choose a garden water feature

Summer is the time when you engage with nature, and achieve serenity outdoors. And what better way to do that than with the babbling sound of water? Here were some suggestions as to how to add that sublime effect to your garden this summer.

How to build a garden trellis or pergola

Vertical gardening is becoming an important trend in 2011. Here were some ways to add the value of climbing plants to your outdoor living space.

How to install a retractable awning

In the summertime, the sun can be a friend or an enemy. In this post, you got to decide the when and where by installing a retractable awning. Note: the term “made in the shade” crossed my mind to put in here. I resisted.  But, hopefully with the help of this post, you were.

How to install an outdoor sound system

Enjoy music and sports in your outdoor living space this summer was made better by the possibility of an outdoor sound system. I hope the epic scale of your outdoor gatherings with friends and family were among the most memorable!

How to build an outdoor shower

After working on summer projects, or even after leisure time, cooling off is a real relief. This post talked about how to get it while still outside.

How to install a porch swing

Lemonade or iced tea in hand, another great part of traditional summer is just sitting, and enjoying the warmth, and the (that word again) serenity. A porch swing has served this purpose for generations. Here was a way to install yours.

How to screen in a porch or deck

Summertime is often the time we’re reminded that we share a world with needlenosed, flying creatures. A screened-in porch or deck allows for a more peaceful co-existence with them. This post talked about how to get started with that peace.

How to create a rain harvesting system for your garden

Given that fresh drinking water is a precious resource, this post talked about how to maximize our use of it for our gardens.

How to build a kids playhouse

In order for kids to learn to appreciate their homes, sometimes a good strategy is to give them a little piece of it that they can truly call their own, and where the imagination can be activated. This post went over the fundamentals of how to build a staging ground for summer adventures.

How to install a hammock

After a busy summer, sometimes a nap or time with a good book (or both!) is just what’s needed. This post talked about how to do that while also enjoying the cool, summer breeze.


So, there we are!

We here at BuildDirect hope everyone has enjoyed the summer so far, and will continue to enjoy it as evenings get a bit darker, and as summer fades to fall.

We’ve got some ideas for fall projects too. But, that’s another story!

Stay tuned!




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