Summer Projects for College Students

Spend your summer vacation taking on new challenges with an assortment of different projects. From expanding your horizons on the educational front to at-home improvement projects, we’ve got a list of exciting options for your summer days.

Maximize Your Summer Break

projects for students

Summer activities like going to the beach and hanging out with friends are a wonderful way to get some of the rest and relaxation you require at the end of the year. Mixing in fun activities with more challenging activities can help you make the most of your down time this summer.

The school year is over and you’ve finally got some time to rest after a quarter or semester of intense classes, study sessions and exams. While lounging around for the first few days might be fun, we all know that spending a whole summer on the couch isn’t going to cut it. What you need is a project or two to keep you busy and active.

Here are a few ways you can maximize your summer break this year:

•   Learn a new skill that looks good on your resume or college admission application. A new skill could be anything from beginner online classes in a new language to a hobby-like activity like photography.

•   Consider an internship. Internships don’t always offer a big salary, but they do look great on your resume and college application. You can put yourself ahead of the pack by giving yourself relevant on-the-job experience as well.

•   Get a summer job or volunteer with a local charitable organization. You can earn money for school, fun summer activities or help people in your area who need it. Jobs and volunteer opportunities show initiative on your part too. That’s something colleges and future employers want to see.

•   Visit a college campus or two if you’re starting to apply to college. Seeing a campus in person can help you decide where you might want to spend your college career.

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Take a College Class

College Class

You’ve finished your basic classes for the year and you’re on summer break. That doesn’t mean you have to stop learning though. Instead, consider taking a college course at a local community college to continue your education.

What class or classes you take are up to you. If you know what you might want to major in down the road, a class in that area of study could be ideal. You can also mix in a unique class like pottery, speech or language skills if you’re planning to take more than one course.

Taking a college class ahead of schedule will also look great on your college application. You’ll even get a head start on college credits if they’re transferrable!

Enjoy Your Staycation with DIY Projects

Internships, summer classes and learning new skills are all great activities for the summer months. Staying home and taking on a few DIY projects can also give your days structure while you help out around the house. Below you’ll find a few of our favorite summer projects you can tackle this season.

Build a DIY Rainy-Day Doghouse

Dog Builder

Perfect for your beloved pet or pets, a rainy-day doghouse is a wonderful way to ensure your fluffy friend stays dry while getting to enjoy the backyard. While almost any simple doghouse can do, you’ll want to use quality materials designed to last so you won’t be re-building that doghouse next summer.

Look for plans online and reach out to our trained experts to find the right materials for your doghouse build this summer.

Build a Pergola


A wonderful project if you love lounging in the sun with a good book, building a pergola requires some skill and know-how, but it is within reach if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Free-standing styles made from wood or bamboo are an excellent choice and a range of building plans can be found online for free.

Set Up a Spot for Hammocks


Nothing says summer quite like relaxing in a hammock with a warm breeze on your skin. This year, get your relaxation spot ready by placing a few stakes and hanging hammocks so you, your friends and your family can get comfortable in style.

Not sure where to put your hammocks? Look for a shady spot if you live in a warm climate where you get tons of sun and triple-digit temperatures. Place an umbrella over your hammock area if you need to stake out a spot in full sun.

Create a Floating Deck By the Pool

If you’ve got a pool at home you’re surely going to spend a ton of time in and around it this summer. Make your pool space special by building a simple floating deck near the water. With durable outdoor materials like teak, you can create a floating deck that will stand up to the harsh summer sun and last at least a few seasons.

Time management is a major key to making the most of your summer. By planning your schedule out ahead of time, you can blend fun with friends, a summer job and unique activities like at-home projects with ease.

Porcelain pavers such as Cabot’s Volcanic and Seaside range are ideal for outdoor spaces, and the Grade-1 tile is impervious to water absorption of less than 0.5%.

Not sure how to do everything you want to do this summer? Create an outline or use a digital calendar so you can carve out space for everything you want to do. Giving yourself goals you can reach will help you have a fruitful, productive summer that’s also tons of fun.

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