Sweetheart Suggestions: 5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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affordable Valentine's gift ideas

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be commercialized cards or expensive evenings out. Here are five suggestions for low-cost, high-romance Valentine’s gift ideas and activities.


When we think of Valentine’s Day, we picture hearts, cupids, and decorations plastered with reds and pinks. This year, it is time to take things to the next level. With these unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you will be sure to wow your sweetheart with the unexpected without breaking the bank!

Personal and Affordable Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Sweetheart Suggestion #1: Valentine Memory Board

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this Valentine’s Day give your sweetheart 10,000. Revisiting heartfelt memories is one of the most romantic gestures. To create a lasting gift as well as adding seasonal flair to a room, collect your favorite memories and display them on pretty memory board.

All you have to do is wrap a half-inch thick corkboard with a Valentine patterned or colored fabric, fold the corners and staple them into place. Attach pictures and even quotes or stories with colored thumbtacks. Definitely an affordable Valentine’s gift idea.

Sweetheart Suggestion #2: Valentine’s Day Enchanting Tent

Surprise your sweetheart with your own love tent. Whether it’s a sophisticated engineering project or a simple sheet thrown over chairs and couches that have been pushed together, this intimate setting is perfect to eat, drink, play, and tell stories in.

Sweetheart Suggestion #3: Memory Keeper Table Setting

Sweeten up your dinner table with red and white dishes, pink napkins, and sparkly glassware and accent pieces. Top if off with a journal filled with either your partner’s favorite poems, quotes, or songs or fill it with your favorite memories of him or her. Make sure to have a second journal close by as this can turn into an activity of writing down your favorite activities, future adventures, or love notes.

Sweetheart Suggestion #4: Home-Cooked Meal

Instead of the traditional dinner for two at a restaurant, surprise your sweetie with a home cooked meal. From Chinese to Mexican to seafood, there are a variety of delicious recipes to try. Set the mood by adding special accents to the kitchen or dinner table that are reminiscent of those of your favorite restaurant: candles, fortune cookies, folded cloth napkins, even special centerpieces.

affordable Valentine's gift ideas

Not only will your partner love coming home to a home-cooked meal but the thought and preparation behind this will be sure to woo him or her. Another idea is to make the meal together. Trying different activities together will help to intensify and grow your relationship.

Sweetheart Suggestion #5: Framed Love Quote

Decorate a side table or room with an inspiring love quote in a frame. Print your quote on card stock, glue it to the glass in a frame and finish the piece by finding an elaborate frame. Either hang the quote on the wall or rest it up against the wall. Surround this love quote with balloons, candles, flowers, candy—whatever you think your sweetheart would love best.

Sweetheart Suggestion #6: Valentine Surprises in Every Room

From hand-made heart garlands to DIY candles and air fresheners to flowers to love notes, this year have a Valentine’s Day surprise in every room of your house. Not only will this be a fun game but your partner will melt at the thoughtfulness and carefully planned out little surprises.

Step Away From the Ordinary

Part of the fun of spending time together as a couple is learning more about each other every day. This Valentine’s Day, step away from the ordinary and make this day one that you both will never forget.

affordable Valentine's gift ideas

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