Tabletop Clutter Taming: Cute Items To Hide Your Knickknacks

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knickknacks on a table

Tame the clutter on your flat surfaces with carefully chosen trays, boxes and jars.


I know I have a problem with clutter. I tend to left lots of stuff lying around for easy access: pens and notebooks, hand cream, headphones, wiping cloths for my glasses. On the coffee table, on my side table in the living room and on my night table in the bedroom.

It’s hard to avoid clutter in your daily life: you just end up leaving things lying around whether you want to or not.

But, and I think the clutter expert here Steffani would approve, you can use tabletop storage items to store the little things of daily life on the numerous surfaces around your home. And as you know I’m a fan of scouring Etsy for cute new items with style, I did it once again to bring you trays, boxes and jars to fit all your knickknacks.

Trays for open-style organizing

Trays are great to keep objects you don’t mind displayed: candles, keys, glasses, etc. And if you need to move them, just grab the tray and take it to the kitchen for instant extra space!

I love this small concrete tray. The grey fits any decor, and the minimal lines won’t overwhelm your style. Great for the bathroom and the living room alike.

If you like your decor shiny, check out this trio of copper trays. This fits right into current metallic trends and will add a lot of warmth to your decor. I like that they fit into each other when not in use–this in itself is a nice decor touch.

Feeling more rustic? Try this wood and rope tray. This will fit a rustic or shabby-chic decor with a touch of the countryside. I love the dark color of the wood and the practical rope handles.

Boxes for hiding things

What’s cuter than a tiny box? We put our jewelry and other precious items in boxes, but we can also use them as both decor and small item storage.

This adorable, handmade wooden frog box can keep something special on your coffee table, or just sit there empty. It’s pretty enough for that. But you can fill it with candy for a special treat for your guests.

Like a challenge, or just pretty Japanese things? Check out this adorable puzzle box to hide your favourite things away from prying eyes.

In the same style as the wood and rope tray above, look at this beautiful cocobolo box. Cocobolo is a gorgeous type of wood that has several layers of light and dark colors. I definitely like the style!

A last one, for the geeks: a Supernatural keepsake box, covered in glyphs to protect your items from demons and angels. But Sam and Dean can definitely open it!

Jars for keeping secrets

Jars are perfect for keeping smaller objects like q-tips, toothpicks and pens. They also make great decor items.

These cute rustic Mason jars are perfect for the bathroom. But if you want my opinion, this looks simple enough to do on your own: a little bit of paint, a cute ribbon and poof! Decorative jars for whatever room you like.

These gorgeous vintage apothecary jars are great for candy, seashells, pebbles or anything you want to display inside glass. I love the heart shape; it has a nice classy look.

How do you organize your tabletops?

Don’t be like me–make your tabletops everywhere clean and tidy with trays, boxes and jars. They’re practical, decor-friendly and fun!

Tell us if you use any of these for your organization needs. Share your ideas and pictures in the comments!

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