Tasteful Expressions Of Your Interior Design Style

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 When it comes to home décor, injecting a little personality (or a lot) is a way of making your home your own. Here are some examples of how to do that.


Maybe tattoos cover ninety percent of your body or perhaps you’re the type to pair a long skirt with a rock band t-shirt. Everyone possesses a unique personal style, and what’s more personal than your home’s decor? Derive inspiration from your closet and jewelry box or flip through the stack of fashion magazines on your coffee table to determine what appeals to you.

Bold and bohemian

You love busy patterns, shiny metallics, and bright colors. Just as you might layer a chunky statement necklace over a loose-fitting cardigan and a thick, webbed belt, overlap textiles in your space to establish a Bohemian vibe.

Stack rugs on top of one another, hang fabric squares or tapestries on the walls, and toss throw pillows into every corner. Similarly, introduce patterns with complimentary colors or varying scales to add dimension and movement to the room.

Eclectic Bedroom by Los Angeles Media & Bloggers Justina Blakeney

Charming & chic

Clean lines, classic colors, and tailored hems dominate your closet. Bring the chic style into your home decor by culling the clutter and paring back your collections. Start with a neutral backdrop, such as white walls or gray furniture upholstery, then add crisp accents that marry function with form.

Wall clocks, flower vases, candlesticks, and other utilitarian items serve as decorations. Stick with contemporary furnishings and natural textures.

Traditional Bedroom by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Design By Lisa

Flashy & flamboyant

You’re attracted to asymmetrical blouses, animal prints, and fringe-lined dresses. When you step outside the house, you want to be noticed, so make sure visitors take notice of your home’s interior when they step inside.

Start with bright colors and heavily textured fabrics, then look for quirky accents that reflect your personality. If you’ve got a collection of art deco mannequins or a fondness for Pez dispensers, show them off. Let your jewelry or accessories double as decor in the bedroom by hanging pieces from artful pegs or hooks.

Midcentury Powder Room by San Jose General Contractors Flegel’s Construction Co., Inc.

Gorgeous & glam

From the pearls you inherited from your grandmother to the silk dresses hanging in your closet, you appreciate the finer things in life. Let your home decor speak to that same aesthetic with single statement colors, large-print patterns, and plenty of art.

Celebrate fashion with photographs of runway models on the walls or pair dark colors with metallic accents to create a striking contrast.

Transitional Closet by Atlanta Interior Designers & Decorators Habachy Designs

Rich and romantic

You’re a future-focused idealist. The romantic fashion style makes liberal use of feminine colors, soft fabrics, and subtle accessories. Inject this style into your space with lots of soft cushions and throws, embracing a neutral palette with occasional pops of color.

Consider unique textures, such as lace and tulle, to give your home decor a dreamy quality, and eschew straight lines in favor of curving edges.

Mix and match

Like many people, you might not identify with a single style. Perhaps you balance the boldness of bohemian fashion with the clean lines of chic or classic design. Feel free to mix it up in your home decor, as well, allowing your personality to shine through every piece.

Translating your fashion sense into a home decor aesthetic takes practice. Focus on the individual qualities of your clothing choices, such as pattern and color, to inform the furnishings and accents you choose for your home.


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