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So where were we? Oh yes, in the past, in Ancient Mesopotamia, cradle of civilization (a curious conceit), building with recycled bricks made of regional mud. There also, they invented the parabolic solar reflector, a polished bronze serving bowl turned sideways likely, possibly to light their lamps, or heat some bath water, or both. The point is their technology is of a scale that is “balanced” with their community life. It stands in such sharp contrast to the mentality of our modern age – at least to that dominant strain that has so crudely wrested from our technological heritage a proposed solution to climate change – as to be awe inspiring for its arrogance alone.

Perhaps you saw it in the news last year. Giant mirrors in outer space, reflecting the sun’s rays away from earth, lessening the effect of global warming when rising atmospheric levels of green house gases, not stopped by sane methods, turn technological means into ends in themselves.

BuildDirect offers several green building materials such as discount bamboo flooring, cork flooring, partially recycled decking, and more.

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Colin Laughlan