Temporary Mudroom Ideas: 5 Items You Need

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Mudrooms are extra useful in the winter with all the extra gear your family likely has. Here’s are some temporary mudroom ideas if your home doesn’t have one.


Winter has arrived and it’s rainy, snowy, and downright soggy out at this time of year! Your family is likely coming home with heavy coats and wet boots. And all the guests you’ll be expecting at this time of year will need somewhere to store their coats and shoes too.

If you don’t have a permanent mudroom in your home, it’s time to set up a temporary one to get you through the winter! Here are some ideas for temporary mudroom ideas and the 5 things you will need to create a mudroom, even if only for a little while.

5 Must-Haves for a Temporary Mudroom

1. A good, Thick Welcome Mat

This is definitely step one! If you can stomp off the majority of the dirt and slush from your shoes, and shake off some water from your coat onto a thick mat you have placed at your doorstep – before you even step foot into the house – your floors will thank you.

It’s not a bad idea to keep a long handled, small, brush next to the door so snow and excess water can easily be brushed off of shoes.

2. Shelves or Cubes

These can typically be found fairly inexpensively at big box stores. Line the bottom with rubber mats so boots can be tucked in without damaging the shelf if they are wet or dirty on the bottom.

3. Hang Hooks or a Rack

If you have a coat closet as you walk inside your door – great, otherwise hang some hooks up. Hanging coats, scarves, umbrellas, and anything else that’s wet on these will help them dry fast – so your guests don’t have to leave an hour later with still sopping wet outerwear.

Another fantastic option is to install a few mesh magazine racks – gloves and other small items can be thrown in here to keep them organized – and dry!

4. Crates or Storage Boxes

A small crate for each person in your home will help keep scarves, earmuffs, and anything else you want neatly organized and separated – and easy to grab in the morning. Have a few extra ready for guests to store their stuff in as well.  These can be tucked under a bench, placed along the wall, or on a small table.

An extra step is to place a cut up rubber mat, or baking sheet, in the bottom of each so any leftover dampness from any of the items doesn’t leak out to the floor or table beneath.

5. Seating

Putting on boots is a much tougher job than sliding your feet into flip flops so having somewhere to sit is essential! If your kids leave the house at the same time consider placing a small bench next to their shoe area. If you are short on space, or don’t have a busy household, a small stool will do – if you are extra short on space, even a fold up stool that can otherwise be tucked into the corner can do the job.

Store your slippers or thick socks under the bench, so they can be slipped on after removing your shoes, to keep your feet warm.

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