Tents and Pavilions

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Tents and pavilions are a way of adding interest and function to an outdoor space. At this time of year, maybe you’re thinking about taking things inside just because the warmer weather of summer is long-gone by now. But, depending on where you live, having a tent or pavilion, or really any kind of outbuilding can be a way to get value out of an outdoor space year round.

But, what are some examples of tents and pavilions? Well, below you’ll find some, from the simple to the complex, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Take a look, and be inspired.

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As you can see, it’s a pretty wide range of styles and takes on what a tent or a pavilion can be. So, are there any common threads to be found in each example?

Making the most of the basics

Really, that’s the most obvious one, right? Because what is a pavilion or a tent if not the essentials of a structure broken down to its elements; a roof and walls. Whether they happen to be made out of fabric, wood, glass, or another material, these are outdoor living structures that are reductionist – and not in a bad way!

Think about what tents and playhouses meant to you as a kid; a pup tent or a playhouse in the backyard was such a simple thing, and yet carried so much meaning, so much fun. I think that’s the reason people build outdoor spaces when they become adults; to capture that sense of fun, and to bring out the beauty and value of the basics.  And here’s another thing; tents and pavilions add something unique to a property as a whole; variety, and a change of scene. And how important is that when you’re looking to feel energized, or need to recharge?

Specialized outdoor spaces

When you’re actually planning to incorporate an outdoor living structure, you’ve probably got something in specific in mind beyond that sense of fun, and of variety I mentioned just now. It could be an extended work space. Maybe it’s an area where you plan to entertain. Maybe you’re looking to create a reading nook or outdoor morning room. Or maybe the purpose of your tent, outbuilding, pergola, pavilion lies in the fact that is has no purpose.

Sometimes, you just need a place to get away and (as the hippies say)  just be, man.

A sanctuary

In a busy life, sometimes you need space – literal and figurative. That’s one way that a tent or a pavilion is often used, as much as it is used to entertain family and friends on pleasant days. That’s another aspect of things to consider; that a need for space and solitude isn’t seasonal, and are to be valued whatever time of year you’re in.

Grab a book, an iPod, a drink, and enjoy the pleasure of your own company.

Your thoughts?

Do you have a tent or pavilion that you spend time in all year round?

Tents and pavilions are often associated with specific events? Tell me about one of yours!

What part does solitude play in your life? Where do you go to get it?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post!



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