Travertine Tile Testing Standards

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Can I use travertine when there are testing standard requirements?  In the words of Bob The Builder, “Yes, we can!” If you know the little fellow in this picture, and cringe at the sound of a Plasticine cast singing “Yes, we can!” in unison, you probably have kids. If you don’t know Bob, I can tell you, he is one unique cat.

Here are some requirements from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as they pertain to travertine. While stone is a natural product with variation from piece to piece, even from the same block, I have also included the average numbers for travertine from the Denizli, Turkey region.

ASTM Requirement

Absorption by Weight: 2.5% (max)

Density, min, lb/ft3 (kg/m3): 144 (2305)

Compressive Strength, min psi (MPa) Interior: 7500

Exterior: 5000

Modulus of Rupture, min MPa Interior: 4.8

Exterior: 6.9

Flexural Strength, min MPa: 4.8

Denizli, Turkey Travertine

Absorption by Weight: 1%

Density, min, lb/ft3 (kg/m3): 150 (2500)

Compressive Strength, min psi (MPa) Interior: 8107

Exterior: 8107

Modulus of Rupture, min MPa Interior: 9

Exterior: 9

Flexural Strength, min MPa: 5.1

If that was all Greek to you, I wouldn’t worry about it but for those of you that require standards testing that is a good start to what you need to know.

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Marc McPherson