Water Garden Features: Is That a Backyard or a Water Park?

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One ingredient can take a simple backyard and turn it into a peaceful getaway – water. From waterfalls to water gardens and streams to ponds, adding a water feature to your backyard allows you to get away from it all by simply stepping out your back door.

Gorgeous Waterfalls

When you step into this backyard you’ll feel like you’re in your own tropical paradise. Why take a trip to Fiji when Fiji can be brought to you? Tim Bowman with Florida Falls designed this backyard escape. Although the grass hut-covered seating areas, hammocks, gorgeous stonework and inviting pool are pleasing to the eye, the waterfalls are really the focal point of this outdoor living space. The multi-tiered waterfalls look and sound authentic, providing instant relaxation to even the most stressed-out person.

Peaceful Water Garden

Florida Falls doesn’t just design waterfall-filled backyards; the company can also build you your very own water garden. This water garden features several ponds that are connected by small streams. You and your visitors can relax in the seating area at the middle of this tranquil backyard paradise and stay warm thanks to the fire pit.

Backyard Waterfall at Night

Although waterfalls are a popular pool feature, you can have a backyard waterfall without the cost and maintenance hassles of a pool. The New York-based designer of this water feature, Backyard Tropicals, really took the time to make sure that the waterfall was the focal point of this backyard day or night. The accent lighting highlights the gorgeous falls and rocks used to create this backyard water feature.

Desert oasis water feature

What better place for an outdoor water feature than in the middle of the Arizona desert? These homeowners don’t have to wait for the rainy season to create a watery outdoor oasis, they have one year round thanks to the DIY Network. After carefully removing the cacti and other prickly plants from the space, the team got to work creating a waterfall and pond that looks just as natural as the desert surrounding it.

Backyard stream water feature

If you love the idea of a backyard water garden but tree roots and other obstacles prevent you from drilling down, create a simple backyard stream instead. This homeowner created a 45-foot long backyard stream with two small waterfalls on a flat, wooded lot. While this backyard stream may not have the instant wow factor that some of these other examples do, the soothing sounds of trickling water will make any backyard a tranquil oasis. An added benefit to this stream is that it could be tackled as a weekend DIY project.

Japanese Water Garden

This minimalist backyard gets a Japanese water garden-inspired upgrade. The garden now features a new waterfall, stream, koi pond and native Japanese plants. Now the homeowners have a little piece of Japan right in their backyard.

Buddhist-inspired Japanese garden

If you like the idea of a Japanese water garden but want that wow factor, check out this spiritual garden created by a Buddhist monk. The water garden features ponds, streams, waterfalls, sculptures, fountains, quiet sanctuaries and more.

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