The 10 Best Places to Celebrate #NationalNappingDay at Home

nap at home

National Napping Day falls on March 12 this year, so make sure you take advantage of it and celebrate! Napping can be beneficial for your health, especially when your body is lacking sleep. In fact, many countries purposely have a designated time for naps at midday. Take their cue and take a nap, whether it’s 30 minutes or longer than an hour. Napping Day happens each year after daylight saving time returns. It’s the perfect way to catch up on that hour of sleep you lost due to the time change. You’ll feel better and find yourself in a happier mood.

Our Top 10

1. The Bed Nap

One of the most common places for a nap is in your own bed. It’s comfortable and familiar, so close the blinds and lie down to catch up on rest. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, put a sleep mask on and turn on relaxing music to trick yourself. Most experts say that naps lasting 30 minutes or less are most effective, but feel free to sleep longer if you need it.

2. The Couch Nap

The couch is another common place for a nap, especially during the weekends. Many people spend a lazy afternoon watching TV or reading a book and decide to nod off for a bit. Pull up a blanket and get some shut-eye so you’ll be ready to go out in the evening. Make sure to set a timer so you don’t sleep too long, as it’s easy to get lost in dreamland all afternoon on the couch.

3. The Floor Nap

nap at home

While not the most common place, some people enjoy napping on the floor. You might be down there playing with your children and decide to take a nap alongside them on the blanket. Roll up a sweatshirt or another blanket to support your head so your neck isn’t sore when you wake up. Your whole family will wake up less cranky and ready to conquer the afternoon together.

4. The Cat (Or Dog, Or Ferret Or…) Nap

Have you ever bent down to cuddle your pet, blinked, then all of a sudden it’s an hour later?  Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes if you’re feeling dozy all you need is to catch 40 winks with your furry friend and you’ll wake up feeling as chipper and friendly as a kitten after a cat nap.

5. The Outdoor Nap


March starts to bring warmer weather, so take advantage of a dry day and head outside. Pull up a chaise lounge and soak up the rays and take a nap. Nothing is more relaxing than being in the sun while you feel the breeze around you. Stay safe and put sunscreen on so you don’t get a burn in case you’re out there for longer than you plan.

6. The Garage Nap

Need to get away from it all somewhere quiet? Head to your soundproof garage to get some sleep. You made it soundproof so your family wouldn’t hear you sawing and banging away on loud projects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to your advantage. Grab a blanket and curl up on one of your benches—just make sure to clear the tools off first.

7. The Reading Chair

A reading chair is a comfortable place to enjoy your latest novel. It’s also very easy to start to drift off as your mind begins to relax. Reading before bed is prescribed to people who can’t sleep, so it’s no wonder you feel the need to give in to a nap just when you start getting into your book.

8. The Squatter’s Nap

The same goes when you’re reading to your children. Often, you’re reading in an attempt to put them down for a nap. Why not take a nap yourself while the house is finally quiet? Just make sure to put your children down somewhere safe before you start sleeping, and then enjoy drifting off in a peaceful house.

9. The Desk Nap

nap at home

Not everyone has the most exciting job, so sometimes your work can literally make you fall asleep. This is especially true when the 2 p.m. slump hits and you feel your eyes start to close. There’s no shame in an afternoon power nap in your home office, but be sure to check your schedule so you won’t miss anything critical while catching some shuteye.

10. The Bath Nap

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Nothing feels better than a warm, relaxing bath, which makes it all too easy to nod off. While there is nothing wrong with taking a nap in the bath, this is only for expert nappers. Don’t put yourself at risk of drowning.  Make sure the water isn’t too high and let a family member know what you’re doing so they can check on you. You’ll wake up feeling reinvigorated and refreshed.

Don’t Feel Bad, Feel Rested

Now that you know all the best places to take a nap at home, you might be tempted to take a nap every day. There’s no need to feel bad about taking a nap as long as you don’t sleep all day. Your body knows when it’s lacking sleep, so give in to sleep and allow yourself to nod off every now and then. Whether you’re outside or inside when you nap, you’ll love waking up with a renewed sense of energy and happiness.

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