The 15 Best Interior Designers in Baltimore

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Baltimore has plenty of history behind it. From city hall to the national aquarium, there are many landmarks that offer fine examples of stunning architecture and brilliant design as well. It is known as “Charm City” for a reason, and it could very well be because of the old-school aesthetic and “city of neighborhoods” pleasantness that makes their buildings so appealing.

Given all that, it makes sense that there are some fantastic interior designers that call Baltimore home. And we wanted to find 15 of the best. They are listed here in no particular order.

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Gina Fitzsimmons - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreGina Fitzsimmons

Although her office is in Annapolis, she serves the entire Baltimore area. She also specializes in waterfront homes, which comes in handy when so many of her clients live in such houses. But beyond all that, Fitzsimmons provides exemplary service and a keen eye for detail, which is how she’s placed first in American Society of Interior Designer’s (ASID) Show House Category two years in a row.

Michelle Miller - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreMichelle Miller

A one time antique’s shop owner, that experience has given her a unique appreciation for detail, while maintaining a practical touch. Prospective clients from Baltimore to Manhattan seek out Miller for her innate ability to bring rooms to life and capture exactly what the client is looking for. This is why she has been awarded the Houzz customer satisfaction badge two years in a row.

April Force Pardoe - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreApril Force Pardoe

For Pardoe, designing has been a lifelong passion. Beginning with decorating her own spaces as a child, all the way up to opening her own firm in 2008, she has always had an innate ability to create stylish interiors. She also has experience in event management, which helps her keep clients from feeling overwhelmed at the idea of taking on a huge design project. She has been featured numerous times in the Washington Post for these reasons.

Melissa McLay - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreMelissa McLay

When you look at McLay’s website, you can tell that she knows it takes a team effort to create a truly great design. And she uses her team to their fullest capacity in order to create a space that is most comfortable for her clients. From space planning, to choosing furniture, to picking out window treatments, she sees to it that every corner of your home is designed as you see fit.

Patrick Sutton - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimorePatrick Sutton

As a child, Sutton traveled the world over with his parents, and as a result of that experience has gained an insightful eye to different cultures and designs. It has also taught him to take the unique qualities of the city around him and use them to blend his project in with the surrounding aesthetic. He and his firm’s work have been featured many times over in publications such as LUXE Interiors + Design and Style Magazine.

Karen Osborne - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreKaren Osborne

Since starting her own firm, Karen Renee Interiors, over 20 years ago, Osborne has been at the forefront of trustworthy designers in the industry. Her gift of talent and intuitive nature allow her to take the fear and stress out of design for her clients. Her ultimate goal is to enrich her clients’ lives through her design for them, and because of this has won multiple awards from ASID.

Dawn Kacey - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreDawn Kacey

When it comes to designing someone’s home, she understands that the process is not just a renovation but a transformation. She seeks to have the final result fit her clients’ personality and lifestyle. She does this by offering a free initial consultation, and working with you every step of the way from there on out. While she takes her work seriously, she believes the whole process should be fun for everyone involved.

Elizabeth Lawson - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreElizabeth Lawson

With 10 years experience already under her belt, Lawson brings a clean, effortless vibe to her design, mixing equal parts classic and modern. Her sensible designs are uncomplicated, leaving her and the client free to combine their ideas and creativity into a successful project. She always strives to have your home be beautiful, interesting and functional while maintaining a personal feel.

Elizabeth Reich - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreElizabeth Reich

Having worked for an architect for ten years, Reich combines her technical knowledge with her eye for aesthetic design for a perfect room that captures each way of thinking. She is an associate designer with Jenkins Baer and Associates, but has made quite the name for herself by working closely with her clients. She has won Best of Houzz awards for design and customer satisfaction two years in a row.

Teresa Buchanan - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreTeresa Buchanan

If you’re looking for an experienced hand to help with your design, Buchanan has 30 years worth to provide you with the one of the best in the industry. She is a certified interior designer and licensed home improvement contractor in Maryland, but has worked on projects in over a dozen states. She has been featured in many nationally syndicated publications, including Souther Living and Better Homes & Gardens.

Arlene Critzos - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreArlene Critzos

Having earned degrees from universities in D.C., Rome and London, one would be hard pressed to find a designer as well-traveled as Critzos. And while the office is located in Annapolis, she is as well traveled as Johnny Cash, having worked on homes in Arizona, New York, and just about everywhere in between. Her work has also been published in numerous national magazines, and is featured in Who’s Who in Interior Design.

Saudah Saleem - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreSaudah Saleem

Born and raised in New York, she and her firm reside in Baltimore where she works in both residential and commercial design, while also offering event styling services. Saleem is all about convenience for her clients, as she even offers an E-design option for those that do not reside in the Northeast states. Her work has been featured on HGTV, and she recently won a Houzz customer satisfaction award.

Meghan Friedman - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreMeghan Friedman

Initially a graphic designer, Friedman made a career switch to interior design after renovating a couple of homes. She likes to spend a lot of time with her clients at the beginning of a project, so that she can get a feel for their personality and how they choose their colors and patterns. She also loves to combine new pieces along with antiques to give the room a traditional, yet modern feel.

Heather Lynn - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreHeather Lynn

With a lifelong passion for design, Lynn began interning with design firms in high school, before finally forming her own firm after earning her degree from an accredited design program at High Point University. From interior organization to kitchen and bath design, Lynn has experience in a wide range of areas, and always seeks to find the right design to fit her clients’ personality.

Caitlin Brown - one of the 15 best interior designers in BaltimoreCaitlin Brown

With an affinity for mixing old and new, masculine and feminine, budget and investment, Brown layers piece by piece to create a home that feels thoughtfully curated, soulful, and most importantly, reflective of her clients. Her ultimate goal is to design a space so her clients can look up from their magazine or coffee and think to themselves, “I love living here.” She won a Houzz customer satisfaction award this year.

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