The 15 Best Interior Designers In Fort Worth

Fort Worth Texas

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Who is the best Interior designer in Fort Worth? Here is a list of 15 interior designers who may be the one. Vote for your fave and suggest new ones too.


Fort Worth is a diverse and architecturally stunning city, as multiple universities and corporations call it home. Anyone who takes a stroll through downtown recognizes that this town embraces the modern world while remaining true to their roots; the classic old west style that is the Stockyards Saloon, or the brand new buildings on the campus of Texas Christian are evidence of this.

The interior designers here welcome the same style into their projects, and the combination of each look makes for beautiful homes. We found 15 worthy of special mention.

Here they are, listed in no particular order.

Sylvie Meehan - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthSylvie Meehan

Originally from Montreal, Sylvia has two philosophies: that the remodel process is fun and easy, and that you have a home you love to come home to at the end of the day. Rather than imposing her design styles on her clients, she guides them on a path to discover their own aesthetic, so that they are truly happy with the end result. She has her own book, “Create the Kitchen of a Lifetime,” and is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

Kenneth Jorns - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthKenneth Jorns

An extensive resume that includes designs for the corporate, healthcare, educational and residential industries is what prepares Kenneth to tackle any project that comes his way. His goal is to always understand the clients’ needs, and believes that if the design doesn’t fit them perfectly, that he hasn’t done his job. He has been featured in multiple publications, and is an ASID certified designer.

Kara Gordon - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthKara Gordon

Although she has only been at the helm of her firm for two years, Kara has established herself as one of the most trustworthy designers in the Fort Worth area. Educated at Stephen F. Austin University and having worked in Houston, she is a native Texan whose main goal is to make the clients happy, while staying within budget. She has won the Houzz award for customer satisfaction two years in a row.

Frances Withaeger - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthFrances Withaeger

No matter the size, scope or budget of her client’s project, Frances is prepared to tackle any and all challenges. From the architectural stage, to project management, to final installation, she and her team are involved in all phases of the design project. With over 20 years of experience, she gives personalized attention which leads to a rewarding experience.

Kim Fancher - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthKim Fancher

Having been at the helm of her firm since 2001, Kim moved the company from Colorado to Texas in 2008. They were one of the busiest firms in Colorado before moving, and she brings that experience with her to the Lone Star State. She works in all areas of design, including decor, new construction and consulting. She is certified ASID, and believes that any design idea is possible to accomplish.

Kristy Mastrandonas - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthKristy Mastrandonas

Known for her uncanny ability to do complete designs in her head, Kristy has spent the past 11 years dedicated to every facet of the industry in order to provide a more perfect result for her clients. She is certified and registered just about every way a designer can be, including ASID, registered interior designer with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) as well as serving on the CQRID board as a professional advisor.

Brandi Renee Day - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthBrandi Renee Day

With 30 years of design experience, it is easy to see why Brandi is one of the most trusted names in the industry. She uses an artist’s mindset to create a personal and flexible design that is perfect for her clients. She is always forward-thinking and has the ability to adapt to many different styles.

Stephanie Kratz - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthStephanie Kratz

Trained in design at Fordham University and picking up real world experience in New York, Stephanie has the experience, creativity and style to put together exemplary designs. By combining a blend of traditional sensibility and modern appeal with distinctive techniques, she creates a unique and timeless space just for you. For her services she has won the Houzz award for customer satisfaction two years in a row.

Debbie Chirillo - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthDebbie Chirillo

Using a fresh and inspiring look at interior design, Debbie puts emphasis on every detail in order to giver her clients their perfect home or office. She also believes that each of her clients are unique and special in their design requirements, so she always strives to create something that fits their personality. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Beautiful Homes of Texas.

Faye Nielsen - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthFaye Nielsen

Specializing in kitchen and bath redesign, Faye focuses on the vision, requirements and desires of her clients. She offers them the opportunity to purchase at trade pricing, which means that clients can fulfill their wish list and in turn complete projects on budget. For her work, ASID has given her numerous awards, including Legacy of Design. She has also won the Houzz award for customer satisfaction the last two years.

Gayla Jett Shannon - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthGayla Jett Shannon

Prior to founding her own firm, Inside Inc., in 1997, Gayla honed her craft working for nationally recognized interior design firms. She is efficient in both modern and traditional design, as well as having an innate ability to tailor to every one of her client’s desires. She has taught as a university professor, and has immersed herself in designs from all over the world. She most recently was an Educator Medalist in the ASID National Chapter.

Kathye Buckallew - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthKathye Buckallew

A perfect home should be a retreat, something that depicts who you are and what you love. Bele Chere, the name of Kathye’s firm, means “beautiful living” in Scottish. She lives up to that name by being flexible; no matter her clients’ style, she works with them to create a truly beautiful home. This dedication not only to her profession but to her clients is why she has won the Houzz award for customer satisfaction two years in a row.

Diana Browning - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthDiana Browning

For more than 20 years, Diana has been creating homes in the Fort Worth area with a layered look to which her clients love to come home. Her ability to collaborate with architects, contractors and clients alike is what enables her to create stunning interiors. From initial consultation to project completion, she is there every step of the way to ensure that the job is well done.

Farrha Hyman - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthFarrha Hyman

What began modestly as a residential and corporate design organization firm is now a full-service company specializing in high-end residential design and remodels. Farrha loves to experiment with colors, and creates storage solutions to achieve a more elegant and functional space. She and her firm are dedicated to providing comprehensive design services that transform your home into an extraordinary space.

Christine Gee - one of the 15 best interior designers in Fort WorthChristine Gee

With 19 years of experience that includes residential and commercial design, Christine brings this well-rounded approach to her projects with great expertise. She understands how to help you impress your guests, or perhaps your business partners, in your home or office and she implements this knowledge with grace. Her work has earned her multiple awards, including the Interior Design Society’s 2012 Designer of the Year.

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