The 15 Best Interior Designers In Orlando

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Interior Design: Orlando

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Who is the best interior designer in Orlando? Here are 15 candidates. Vote for your favourite, and tell us who we missed in the comments section.


Orlando may be most famous as the homes of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, but it is also home to more than 200,000 residents. The spaces these individuals and families occupy deserve to be warm, inviting, and reflective of the people who live in them. That’s where the interior designers come in.

The varied talents and expertise of Orlando’s interior designers are as great as the city itself. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve found the top 15 interior designers in Orlando, Florida. Check out our list, and let us know if you think we’ve missed someone. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the poll below!


Troy Beasley
Troy believes that good design can enrich and change people’s lives, and his clients couldn’t agree more. He has starred in HGTV shows like “Design for Living” and “Designers’ Challenge.” The well-respected designer is known for his understanding of architectural detail, artistic crafts, and textile art. Troy serves as president of the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture in Florida, and is an invited speaker at the NAHB’s International Builder’s Show.


Audrey Morrone
Audrey’s “affordable luxury” design principles have made her an approachable and coveted designer. She believes that personal attention and customer service are equally as important as the design aspect. Her innovative interiors and ability to incorporate her clients’ passions and interests into the home are what set her apart. Audrey’s philosophy is to create comfortable rooms with an understated, sophisticated edge.


Marilyn Russell
Marilyn spent a decade in the insurance industry before returning to school to earn a second bachelor’s degree in interior design. She went on to open and manage the boutique interior design firm, Design Magnifique. Because of Marilyn’s Caribbean roots, she grew up immersed in color and has a deep appreciation for the emotional benefits it adds to a space. Marilyn was hand-selected to serve on several interior design panels, including Blanco and Top Knobs.


Shanna Bender
Shanna is the owner and principal of Design Studio 15, a Florida firm offering design, builder, and international services. She works with clients throughout the world, with over 100 international clients. Shanna incorporates the latest trends in pop culture, fashion, and music into her designs, all while maintaining a timeless style. She is a graduate of the International Academy of Design & Technology, and a British American Chamber of Commerce Secretary.


Marc Thee
The Rollins College graduate has been working in design since 1983. He is the co-founder and principal of Marc Michaels Interior Design, Inc., and is currently developing his own branded signature line. A leading authority on home fashion, Marc has twice been named by Architectural Digest as one of “The Top 100 Designers in the World.” In 2002, Marc received the “Designer of Distinction Award” from the Design Center of the Americas in Dania.


Carolyn Moor
Carolyn understands that our interior environments are a backdrop for celebrations, comfort, and connection. Her design firm, Moor Alive Interiors, creates spaces that enable you to “grow where you are planted.” Carolyn’s personal space has greatly impacted her holistically, and she believes that design will expand her clients’ lives in extraordinary ways as well. She was recently featured in Orange Appeal magazine.


Gloria Van Dusen
A Florida native and third generation artist, Gloria started out studying ceramics in art school. Believing that interior design would enable her to use her artistry to make a difference in people’s lives, Gloria switched majors and graduated with a degree in interior design technology. Her design philosophy emphasizes architectural detail, fine art, and objects that reflect her clients’ personal style. The owner of Envi by Design finds her inspiration in nature.


Gail Barley
Gail founded Gail Barley Interiors to express her lifelong interest in interior design. Her comfortable, welcoming, and beautiful spaces showcase her love of color and appreciation of classic design. With an extensive knowledge of antiques and collectibles, Gail is able to add the best of timeless design to her projects. She prides herself on her ability to create interiors that reflect the taste and style of her clients.


Kay Green
Kay founded the highly respected design firm, Kay Green Design, Inc., in 1975. She has been featured in prestigious publications like Builder Magazine, House Beautiful’s Kitchen/Baths, and the New York Times. A well-known speaker and writer, Kay discusses interior design trends at national and international housing conferences. She is actively involved with the National Association of Home Builders Prestigious Society of Honored Associates, and has been inducted into the Florida Housing Hall of Fame.


Misty McPherson
After completing her bachelor’s degree in interior architecture at Kansas State University, Misty worked as an exhibit designer at a Smithsonian-affiliated museum. When a preeminent Orlando design firm recruited Misty as an interior designer, she began to build relationships with established architects, builders, and private clients. With a favorable reputation for award-winning designs, Misty founded M2 Interior Design. Her diverse experience includes studies under renowned European designers at the Fachhochschule Des Landes.


Toni Sims
A talented interior decorator, Toni has over 18 years in the design industry. Her multi-dimensional experience includes designing jewelry, and working with display and design teams for Nordstrom and Walt Disney World. She is the lead designer for Derrick Builders, where she is currently working on the new Disney project, Golden Oak. Along with Scott Sims, Toni is the owner of Toni Sims Design Studio.


Marisol Roman
Marisol’s wide collection of work includes residential, commercial, and hospitality projects in Florida, the Caribbean, and Africa. Her background includes experience working for reputable interior design and architecture firms. Marisol’s passion for art has developed into expertise and creativity in designing custom frames. She also loves to design soft goods such as bedding, pillows, and window treatments. Marisol caters each design concept to match the personal style of her client.


Suzanne Nichols
For over 20 years, Suzanne has displayed a passion for creating beautiful and comfortable spaces. She has designed award-winning interiors for a variety of industries, including commercial, hospitality, and events. Suzanne sits on the Advisory Committee for Seminole State College. One of the most important aspects of her company, Suzanne Nichols Design Group, is giving back to the community through charity events.


Pam Niemann
Pam brings 30 years of experience to her position as owner and principal of Niemann Interiors. Her firm has received annual recognition as a top commercial design firm by the Orlando Business Journal for the past 11 years. Pam won the first place Grand Award in the 2007 Home Builders’ Association Parade of Homes. She currently serves as a director for the NEWH Sunshine Chapter.


Melissa Davis-Seltmann
Melissa made the decision to pursue interior design as a career in high school, and has stuck with it ever since. Her design philosophy involves getting to know each client, in order to provide the perfect design solution and stay within the project budget. She prioritizes each project element, and gives her clients the ultimate value by mixing custom furnishings, boutique pieces, and retail finds. After 15 years in the industry, Melissa still loves what she does, and loves her clients even more.

Think we missed someone? Let us know in the comments!

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