The Anatomy of a Laminate Floor

Reading Time: 1 minute

Before we destroy our laminate floor by installing it outside to face the merciless elements, and then really start in on wrecking our floor, we thought we’d explain how laminate flooring is designed.  Here’s Marc, and in his blue cowboy shirt today too.

A point raised by Marc is that there is a misconception that laminate flooring is second rate.  Although it’s true that it’s not as durable as some exotic hardwood, premium laminates like the one we’re going to test is in fact designed to last for decades.  If it were easy to wreck, we probably wouldn’t be interested.

To that point, it should be noted that when Marc whacked the piece of laminate flooring in this video, fingers of  searing pain shot up his arm.  He very professionally continued with his talk.   I think that this  shows what he’s made of.  Don’t worry, he’s OK folks.  He’ll use the incident as an excuse to self-medicate of course.
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