The Awards Of Home Improvement At BuildDirect 2016

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red carpet and velvet ropes

Discover some of the new products at BuildDirect through the Awards of Home Improvement!

In this month of award ceremonies, we though we’d have a little fun of our own and make our own Awards of Home Improvement. There are so many new products to choose from, so we divided them into interesting categories to inspire your next season of home renovations.

Category “An Awesome Summer”

Let’s start with a category that’ll make everyone look forward to the warm, sunny days of summer. For “An Awesome Summer” prize, we nominate:

  • The 8-piece Kontiki Corner Sectional Conversation set. This wonderful outdoor sofa will be your favourite spot to hang out when the sun is out and the air is warm. Better than your indoor sofa, it resists moisture and UV rays. You might just want to take it inside when winter comes again.
  • The Sojag Meridien 10×12 Sun Shelter. Keep cool in the shade with this family-sized sun shelter. While the kids are having fun in the pool or playing in the yard, you can enjoy your favourite beverage away from harsh UV rays, read your favorite book, and generally enjoy the weather without burning up. You can install a mosquito net and privacy curtains, too!
  • The Plywood Long Island Adirondak Chair. Coming in a variety of colors to suit your style, this comfortable, durable and stain-resistant chair will be your prize-winning yard or patio seating for years to come. Perfect to enjoy your favorite magazine or simply to lie in the warmth of the sun.
  • The California Outdoor Concepts San Simeon Fire Pit. What better way to enjoy the outdoors all summer long (including when the sun goes down) than to add a fire pit to your conversation area? This fire pit includes a table area to hold your drinks, food and S’Mores ingredients.
adirondack rockers on porch

Rock the porch with these sleek and comfortable rockers new from BuildDirect 2016.

Category “Flooring Style”

French oak collection hardwood flooring

French oak collection hardwood flooring new from BuildDirect.

Yes, your floor is important for your home style. And there are plenty of new and interesting flooring products to choose from right now at BuildDirect–after all, flooring is our specialty!

  • The Yanchi Bamboo Handscraped Strand Woven in Antique Chestnut. Want a floor with character, but prefer to keep it green? Handscraped bamboo flooring is a great choice, and this Antique Chestnut shade is perfect for traditional AND modern spaces.
  • Nature Smooth South American Collection in Rosewood/Cumaru. Fine, I’m letting my bias for red speak here, but isn’t this a gorgeous floor? If I could change my floors in my apartment, I’d probably just have this all over the place. Red floors are modern, original and colorful!
  • Islander Flooring Parquet Collection in Windsor. This beautiful geometric parquet tile is made of bamboo, a green and sustainable flooring choice. Parquet tiles also have a traditional flair which is different from the usual look of hardwood.
  • Engineered Hardwood in Maple. Finally a floor made for dog owners! This pet-friendly hardwood floor is made to resist the scratches of your dog’s claws for years. Dog lovers shouldn’t have to settle for damaged floors!

Category “Tiles Expressions”

Wall tiles and mosaics can turn a decor from “meh” to “wow”. Express yourself with these new tiles and mosaics for every room of the house.

  • MS International Urban Tapestry. Urban grey lovers: this new glass tile is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Original hexagonal shape, smooth/unglazed finish and easy installation on walls or countertops make it an easy choice for a quick look refresh.
  • Kesir Glass Mosaics Spartan Black. This designer tile has interesting color shades and flecks of metallic texture to give your home an ultra-modern look. Use it on an accent wall in the bathroom or as a backsplash in the kitchen; the tile resists moisture and mold.
  • Kesir Glass Mosaics Red Black Blend. This pebble mosaic is perfect for the modern bathroom. Flecks of black and red surrounded by white allows for your minimalist style to shine through. Appropriate for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • MS International Urbano Blend. The mix of neutral and warm colors in this tile will suit those who want a comfortable, welcoming space with a stunning pattern. We love the specks of red!
ceramic tile that looks like wood sycamore

MS International Ceramic Tile  Sycamore Series “Teak”, new from BuildDirect.

Who wins?

So, who’s your winner in this list? Or would you like to nominate another product and other categories? Visit the New Products page and let us know in the comments!

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