The Baby Box – How, What and Why to Put One Together

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baby box

The Baby Box – it’s a care package sent out by the Finish government to new moms. In absence of that here, take a look at these ideas for DIY baby boxes.


Finland has been offering Mothers a special gift for over 75 years – The Baby Box! This box is a gift from the government to ALL expectant Mothers, no matter if it’s their first baby or their eighth.

What is a baby box?

These boxes contain a small mattress, sheets, clothing appropriate for all seasons, socks, mittens, a hooded towel, toiletries, bath thermometer, washcloths and a cloth diaper set. But the best feature is the box itself – it is meant to be used as a bed for baby’s first few months!

In times of poverty it had been difficult to afford a crib or a similar safe place for baby to sleep and by providing this box Finland lowered their infant mortality rates significantly. The contents also ensure that babies all get an equal and safe start to life and have everything they need for their first year.

DIY baby boxes

I don’t see our Government stepping in to provide these boxes anytime soon but I think they are a fantastic idea. If you know someone who is expecting a baby why not grab a few of her other friends and family members and put one together for her! Instead of her receiving a bunch of odds and ends, and possible duplicates, getting together to make this up helps her get everything she needs in one cohesive package.

What to include

You can customize the outside of the box depending on if the parents have found out the sex of the baby, but it may be best to use unisex items inside so the items can be passed along for siblings.

baby box 2

Find a box with ample room and most importantly is safe for baby to sleep in – check out regulations first. You may opt to purchase a small bassinette or cradle to fill instead of a box to be sure of the safety. Start out with unisex style blankets, sleepers, clothing and sheets. Choose your items depending on the climate she lives in – a snowsuit may be appropriate for some areas but unnecessary for others. Try to find pieces of clothing that all work well together as new Mothers trying to dress their babies don’t have a lot of time to think – trust me!

Don’t forget to include plenty of washcloths and diapers in a variety of sizes – find out if Mom has a preference for cloth or disposable before you stock her up. Bottles, a few basic toys and some baby soap can be added to round out the box.

A new mom’s dream gift

I think this would make a wonderful gift for a new Mother. The contents can all be put back in the box and handed along to a friend or easily stored to be used for a second child.

What do you think of this idea? Do you know anyone who has received a box like this, from Finland or one made by friends? What items would you include?

(images: Visa Kopu)

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