The Best Rooms in Your Home for Built-In Storage

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Any home improvement magazine devotee knows the benefits of built-in storage for organizing and maximizing a home’s floor plan. But the trend for built-ins might lead to a faulty installation. Before you plan a storage renovation, consider whether that built-in unit will open more space or waste space. Here’s the best rooms for built-in storage:

The Bedroom

For the master bedroom, when combining two people’s belongings in one space, minimizing makes for an overflow of tension. In addition, shortage of closet space or a smaller room prohibits purchasing large drawers or armoires, or at least makes them constricting.

To solve a crowded couple’s room, tackle storage at the most important part of the room–the bed. Built-in storage in the bed frame and connected to the headboard amplify a room’s capacity without impractically taking up floor space. In addition, any room with an alcove begs for built-in storage. Use a carved-out space to host your bed and a built-in nightstand or drawer.

built in storage bedroom kids room

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For a child’s room, the more storage, the better. Beyond the bed frame and nightstand tricks, take an entire wall for a floor-to-ceiling closet to neatly conceal toys, clothing, and linens. If that’s not enough, add a smaller built-in wardrobe connected at the corner. It also serves as a bookshelf or small desk, creating a visually interesting approach.

The Kitchen

Often, an outdatted kitchen, most notable in poor storage and ugly cabinets, decides a buyer’s purchase of a home. However, the kitchen doesn’t have to spoil a great home, newly purchased or not. Instead of stretching your wallet for new cabinets, knock them out. Open shelves not only make a room feel larger, the shelving allows for quick meal serving and beautiful decorating. Display daily used dishes and favorite colorful or eccentric pieces to liven up the room.

With plenty of strange kitchen knocks and corners, use them up whenever possible. Create a thin pull-out pantry for quick cooking prep. Or if you do have cabinets, think of hiding blocky and space-hogging appliances with sliding or folding cabinet doors. Lastly, take a nod from fast-food convenience by cutting a hole into your counter for tossing garbage into a trash can without opening a low cabinet and touching the dirty bin; not only is it more hygienic, but it makes transferring cutting-board scraps seamless.

The Living Room

The options for built-in storage in a living room or family room are almost limitless. As a space that connects to other rooms, built-ins offer creative solutions to home floor plans. Seating instantly becomes storage with wall-lining seats with removable pillows. Or try a built-in bar, installed very easily into corners or alcoves.

seat storage living room


For more privacy, a built-in bookcase or shelves instantly creates a separate room. Use a built-in in a living room for books, photos, and display items. To optimize seclusion without feeling claustrophobic, install windows at the top of a built-in unit for cohesion and to warm-up your living room.

If you’re big on entertaining, but your space proves less party-friendly, ditch an entertainment unit purchase and build one into your wall, instead. A safer choice for protecting an expensive T.V., built-in entertainment units offer cabinetry and open spaces to conceal movies, music CDs or records, and video or board games. Plus, make that divider bookshelf into an entertainment center for a dual-purpose built-in solution. It’s a clean look that allows for a good time.

Breathing room

Add a little breathing room to your home. With these tips, you’ll build storage that stands out in design, but doesn’t block your walking path.


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