The Complete Heating Efficiencies Guide

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Heating and heat efficient systems are more than just considerations in modern life. It is pretty primal, right? The discovery of ‘fire’, our first heating system not counting the sun itself, was the key to our survival after all.

But, translated to the 21st Century, the world of heating, or more accurately of environmental controls all year round have become a more precise concern. Today, more than ever, we’re concerned with how energy efficient our heating systems are. What with global energy becoming more and more of an issue on so many fronts, this makes sense. But when it comes to heating and energy efficiency at home, we’re thinking about our pocketbooks, and about how to get the most out of our heating dollar.

Luckily, another thing about 21st Century heating is that there are more and more options to consider. In thinking about that, here’s a special feature on modern heating efficiencies.  Some of these you may be familiar with. Others, you may have heard about, but perhaps aren’t as familiar with. In some cases, maybe some of the options below will come as a surprise to you.

Take a look!

An interesting pattern here is how naturally-derived and clean heating solutions – solar heating, geothermal heating, and biomass heating (wood stoves, etc)- are among the most efficient sources of home heating there is. Also, especially with geothermal heat, there is a greater amount of control when it comes to moderate temperatures in the summer time too. In this, cooling becomes as much of a benefit in the summer as heating does in the winter months.

To contrast that, the more ‘traditional’ heating systems like oil, natural gas, and electricity, are among the least efficient, and with less control as far as moderating temperatures all year round.

What does this say about the future of heating? Will it be possible to rely on what is now called ‘alternative energy’ to keep us warm by the second half of our century? What about using these cleaner energy sources to supplement current HVAC systems?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, everyone!



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