The History of Hardwood Flooring, Part 1

So, I’ve been doing a little digging, people. Some of it has been out of my own curiosity – What is the history of hardwood flooring, exactly? Well, here are a few points which link hardwood flooring to a rich architectural history – part one in a series.

Hardwood floors are looked upon as luxury items in a lot of cases, with some movement up or down the spectrum depending on which species we’re talking about. But, if you think they’re viewed that way now, you might want to consider what the average person in the 1500 -early 1600’s faced; no floor at all. Well, unless you count a dirt floor. The houses of the nobility were adorned with wood floors, of course. But the little guy had to make due without them.

Old hardwood floorsLuckily, when colonization of the Americas began, new goods and trades in the American colonies were made available to colonists, as well as those back in Europe. This included a new source of wood for floors, as well as for other building materials. This development made wood floors more common and accessible. And the new sources of wood materials led to innovation too; the history of parquet flooring starts here, along with the use of multiple species of hardwood being used to create elaborate floor patterns. Hardwood floors added extra practicality, as well as artistry. For all of the rich history, this much hasn’t changed.

From here on out, and especially into the 19th century, the role of hardwood flooring began to expand. Stay tuned for more everyone!

Thanks to A.K Photography for the hardwood flooring image.



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