The Literature Look: 5 Tips for Decorating With Books

book pedestal


If you’re a lover of books—the old fashioned paper version—you can find ways to fill your home with books, or turn the books you have into home décor. Literature lovers can rejoice with these decorating tips.


A stack of books can easily turn into an end table or a coffee table for any room in your home. To make a side table for the living room or bedroom, use a hardcover coffee table book as the base for the table. Continue to stack hardcover books on top of one another until the top of the table is at the desired height. Set a vase, a small lamp or a framed picture on the table. You can even place a small glass sheet on top to prevent any damage to the books.

You can create a coffee table with stacks of hardcover books stacked closely together. Put the larger books on the bottom to create a solid foundation for the coffee table. Stack books into pillars until the coffee table reaches the height of the seat cushions of your couch. You can use as many stacks of books as you like to create the size coffee table you desire.


A hardcover book that is a couple of inches thick makes a great wall shelf. Buy some wall brackets at your local hardware store. Use two brackets for each book, spacing the brackets on the wall so that they are far enough apart to support each side of the book. Set the book on top of the installed wall brackets. Set a picture frame or other small objects on top of your new “book shelf.” You can even stagger several books in a pattern you like on the wall to create a group of book shelves.


Stack two or three books on a table to create a pedestal. You can use the pedestal as display items for your other decorations. Book pedestals can add levels to your tables and shelves. Pedestals can also turn prominent objects in the room into focal points. You can even add more than one pedestal to each table and stack books at different heights (a pedestal of two books stacked next to a pedestal of three books).

Print décor

If you have books that are falling apart, or you have pages from one of your favorite books, you can use them as wall art. You can frame each page of the book, be it text, a map, or a picture. You can also tack the pages to a bulletin board to add décor to a home office or another area in your home.

Reading Nook

Whether you have a built-in window seat, or you install your own bench, add books to shelves underneath the seat. Add a blanket and some throw pillows to the area to create your own reading nook. You can use natural lighting from windows during the day, but add a reading lamp to the area for nighttime reading.

Your ideas?

Book lovers have the opportunity to put their cherished books to good use when their noses are not stuck in them. Books make great décor for various areas of the home.

How do books factor into your space currently?

What memories are attached to your favorite books?

What are some of your favorite volumes in your collection that also provide a striking visual in your space?

Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.



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