The Neatest Garden Sheds

While most backyard sheds are a bit mundane, there are some people that have put as much thought into their garden sheds as the garden itself. In celebration of these creative folks, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of the neatest garden sheds around – a look at the coolest and most unique garden sheds on the block!

The Shed-o-Sphere Garden Shed

To kick things off, this isn’t just a neat shed, this sphere-shaped garden shed by Archipod is just plain insane! Between the unorthodox shape, the fancy skylight, the stylish shingles and the vertically opening door, this unique unit is a far cry from your average garden shed.

The Bizarre British Shed

When you think of a British garden shed, it’s easy to picture something that’s ultra traditional, however, as you can see, this particular unit defies convention. Looking like the cross between a greenhouse and a motor home, this bizarre British garden shed is much more than just neat.

The Ship Shed

If there’s something about this next shed that looks strangely familiar, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it, keep looking – see it yet? Believe it or not, someone has re-purposed the front half of a boat in making it a most unique (yet functional) backyard garden shed. Very cool.

The Reclaimed Wood Shed

Speaking of up-cycled products becoming garden sheds, this unit might not be as eccentric as a re-purposed bow of a boat, however, the mixture of multi-colored recycled woods gives it an extremely charming presence that makes it all kinds of neat.

Shed Some Light

Although this might not be the most shocking garden shed on the block, one thing is for sure, there is absolutely no lack of character in this lighthearted (light-hearted?) structure. Between the bold and bright colors, the clean lines and the angled roof that appears to be all glass (for added light), this neat shed is unassumingly grand.


The Tire Shed

Making the list as another of the garden sheds made from up-cycled materials, this backyard bunker was constructed from recycled car tires! While lumber was likely used to construct the shed’s frame, as you can see in the picture, it is strips of rubber tires that complete the entire exterior. Pretty wild!

The Guest Shed

Believe it or not, this is not a high-priced home; this is the garden shed of a high-priced home. Considering the fact that this particular unit is nicer than most homes across the world, we wouldn’t be surprised if this spiffy garden shed had its own guest shed.

The Pyramid Shed

Although the name of this particular shed might not be the most creative (what else would you call it?), the shed itself is ultra unique. Of course, based on the lush green landscape that surrounds this bizarre fixture, it’s no surprise that the owner took extreme pride in their garden shed, as well as, the garden itself.

The VW Shed

Perhaps the most unique re-purposing of all is this old-school Volkswagen bus turned into a backyard garden shed. Of course, with four walls already built and a sliding door already in place, it didn’t take much effort; however, this is still an extremely funky garden shed that’s every bit of neat.

The Neatest of the Neat

While the other sheds on this list have earned the description of “neat” because of their creative wow factor, this simple shed deserves the same description because it is neatly organized. Although the other sheds might look cool on the outside, chances are good that the insides are the same as any other garden shed across the world – cluttered. Not this neat one!

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