The other Bamboo Flooring, Strand Woven

There are a lot of customers who love the idea of traditional bamboo flooring but are not keen on its contemporary style, although it is beautiful, it looks unique and is not for everyone (my wife included).

Traditional Bamboo Flooring Styles

Horizontal Vertical

During manufacturing the bottom 2/3 rd of the bamboo stock is used to produce the Horizontal and Vertical floors and the top 1/3rd was considered waste and used as fuel. Out of a desire to utilize this scrap a new form of bamboo flooring was developed, Strand Woven.

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Natural Carbonized

To manufacture strand woven bamboo flooring, the top 1/3 of the bamboo stock is ripped into strips and crushed. These strips are then mixed with resin, compressed with heat to form a timber and then milled into flooring. This process is muck like the manufacturing of HDF board but instead of sawdust and the base material bamboo strips are used.

Due to the manufacturing process the look of traditional bamboo flooring is lost and a more conventional hardwood style is produced. Which my wife loved so much I had since installed it in my own home…..

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