The Top 5 Perks of Going Solar

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As the need to diversify our energy resources becomes more and more of an issue in the 21st Century, the resurgence of solar energy is in turn becoming more and more mainstream. I say ‘resurgence’ because the history of solar energy shows us that our dependence upon the sun’s power has actually been around a long, long time.

But, what are the benefits of supplementing, or relying entirely in some cases, on solar energy today? Well, the best person to answer that question is certainly someone who knows the technology, and who is in the business of supplying solar power to homeowners.

Brittany Mauriss is here to talk about 5 perks of going solar, while at the same time talking about what investing in solar energy entails for you and your household …


You may have heard the buzz about solar. Along with new financing options, advances in technology are making home solar power more affordable than ever. And in the age of rising utility costs, many folks are jumping on the solar bandwagon to lock in low energy bills for years to come.

Indeed, renewable energy is the wave of the future. Here are the top five perks of going solar.

1. Solar financing

Everyone knows that solar is wildly expensive—or is it? Nowadays, many solar providers and installers have broken through the high upfront cost barrier by offering leasing options that require no money down.

With solar leasing, the provider purchases the solar panels, and the homeowner leases them for a fixed period of time. SunRun, for example, offers a generous solar financing plan for homeowners that couldn’t otherwise afford it, essentially bringing solar to the masses. What’s more, monthly payments to lease the panels are typically lower than what the homeowner paid for coal-based electricity in the first place.

For folks that would rather purchase home solar systems, federal, state, and local government incentive programs provide rebates and tax credits that can significantly lower your costs. Depending on your home’s location, costs can be reduced up to 62%.

2. Hassle-free installation

With a PPA or solar lease, the solar provider either installs the solar panels themselves, or works with homeowners to arrange to have the system professionally installed. The solar provider then maintains the system, including periodic inspections to ensure the systems are working properly.

Not sure whether your home is a good candidate? Technological innovations have made that a hassle-free experience, too. Specialized software that combines 3-D modeling with both aerial and satellite photography enables some solar companies to provide leasing quotes without having to wait for someone to physically inspect the home. Quotes are typically requested and delivered online within 24 hours.

3. Planet-friendly energy

From smog and air pollution to manmade and natural disasters, we’ve all seen and felt the effects of dangerous fossil fuel energy. The financial and human costs connected with feeding the world’s energy needs are staggering, and becoming all too frequent.

But by starting at the local level, we as individuals can turn the tide toward adoption of clean, renewable forms of energy. Safe, affordable power that can help the planet avoid such calamities is certainly worth implementation.

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4. Being part of the solution

Technological and financial innovations in solar energy make it possible for homeowners to become part of the solution to the world’s energy problems. Taking individual responsibility to do one’s part is not only empowering, it can inspire others to follow suit.

By demonstrating how easy and affordable residential solar power can be, homeowners with solar systems become role models for family, friends and neighbors.

5. Future rewards

Solar panel systems on many homes produce more than enough electricity to meet your energy needs. Unused electricity is returned to the electrical grid, and homeowners can be paid for the energy by the electric company.

With the costs of traditional fuel rising, while the cost of solar power is falling, installing a residential system becomes a sound investment, not only for the pocketbook, but for the planet.


Thanks, Brittany!

Brittany Mauriss is the editor & residential solar expert at CalFinder Solar. She also blogs for GreenMarketingTV, the green entrepreneur’s source for interviews with the industry’s top thinkers.

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