The Wood Lover’s Guide To Décor: Real Wood Flooring And Decking

Tungston Hardwood – Unfinished White Oak / SKU: 10085637

From engineered wood flooring to wood decking, wood detailing creates beauty and warmth in any home. With these natural décor must-haves, you’ll follow in Mother Nature’s footsteps.


Maybe you dream of escaping the hustle-and-bustle of it all, shrouding yourself in the quiet seclusion of a cozy, wood-side cabin. Or perhaps you just wish to add a little rustic warmth that says, “Welcome home.”

No matter what your décor dreams are made of, there’s no denying the natural beauty of wood. Knot by knot, Mother Nature etches her own personal touch on each and every piece of wood.

If you’re enamored with wood, spruce up your home with these tried-and-true staples.

A Wood Statement Piece

There’s a certain point in life where you retire that cheap, rickety furniture from your college days and acquire pieces that are a little more refined. Brawny and beautiful, well-crafted wooden furniture embodies an effortless elegance that stands the test of time. Whether it’s a reclaimed hardwood table or a refurbished antique desk, nothing turns heads quite like a showy statement piece in natural wood.

To choose quality wood furniture, look at joint construction first. If any parts are cobbled together with nails or staples? It probably won’t hold up to the rigors of everyday living.

Natural Wood Flooring

engineered hardwood white oak bedroom
Vanier Engineered Hardwood – Bonafide Supreme Wide Collection White Oak in Melville / SKU: 15258706

While wood-look flooring like laminate and vinyl mimics the appearance of wood pretty convincingly (there are plenty of tiles that look like wood), some homeowners insist on nothing less than natural wood. From rich, opulent Acacia to gorgeous Brushed Oak, wood flooring adds instant warmth and splendor to any home.

If you’re set on real wood floors, here are a few resources to help you get started:

Need more information and inspiration? Pull up a chair, grab a coffee, and check out these hardwood flooring posts from the deep corners of BuildDirect’s blog archive.

Ready to take the plunge? (No, I’m not referring to the deep end of a swimming pool.)

Wood Decking

wood vs composite decking
Yard & Home Premium Pre-Grooved Ipe Wood Decking, 5/4 in. x 6 in. / SKU: 15265978

With spring just around the corner, soon we’ll retire our hats and gloves, tuck away our winter coats, and venture into the Great Outdoors. Soon. It’s safe to say that you’ve been ready for spring since January. (I’m right there with you.) But is your deck all set for the action?

First of all, do you have a deck? (Just checking). Is it looking spiffy enough for an epic season of grill-outs and family hangouts?

While some homeowners opt for tile or composite decking (check out my guide to choosing the right decking material), others insist on wood. Dazzling, showy, and chic, a natural wood deck is truly a thing of beauty. And, with the right maintenance and care, your natural wood deck will stay gorgeous for years to come.

Ready to go shopping? (I’m always looking for an opportunity.)

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