This Week’s Wood Floor Mold: Stairnose Moldings

On Friday, we published our highlight reel about how to install an engineered floor, so our miniseries about wood floor moldings was bumped.  But, here is last week’s installment today!

In this episode, BuildDirect Co-Founder Rob Banks talks about the accessory that makes the transition from your wood floor to your stairs – the stairnose molding!

Stairnose moldings allow for effective transitions from floors to stairs, and they also have a way of visually bringing the effects you’ve achieved to the next floor, too.

Once again, wood floor moldings have a subtle power to unify two or more ‘zones’ in a space, maybe not in a flashy way.  But, certainly moldings in general add refinement, which is always a plus in any space.  Stairnose moldings do this not only for multi-room installations, but also multi-floor.



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