This week’s wood floor molding: end molds

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Welcome to the first in a mini-series of posts about wood floor moldings, finishing pieces that add refinement to your installation.  As I mentioned in our wood floor moldings in action post, details are very important to the overall effect of your new floors.  And floor trim are vital elements to getting the full benefits of hardwood, bamboo, cork, or laminate flooring.

With that little introduction aside, this week’s featured molding is the end molding.  Here’s BuildDirect Co-Founder Rob Banks to explain its benefits:

End molds are useful finishing pieces when you’re transitioning two uneven surface.  Good examples of this would be a living room where wood flooring has been installed that transitions into a kitchen where natural stone tile, or ceramic tile, is the surface of choice.  Since this kind of installation scenario is pretty common, you can see where an end mold would come in handy equally often.



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