This week’s wood floor molding: Stairtread moldings

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And so we’ve come to the last entry our miniseries about wood floor moldings. Watch for a recap post next week!

This episode is all about stairtread moldings, and here’s BuildDirect Co-Founder Rob Banks to explain the function, and to display the look, of stairtread moldings. Take a look:

When it comes to stairs, you’ve got a choice between stairnose moldings and stairtreads.  The advantage of stairtreads is that you’re adding a complete  stair covering that incorporates your choice of material (bamboo, hardwood, laminate) as well as the bullnosed edge that you’d get with the stairnose.

So, the extra cost is balanced out with the fact that you’re accomplishing both wood flooring effects at the same time; covering the whole stair, and getting that finished bullnosed edge at the edge of each stair.  As Rob mentions, a lot of installers prefer this route because of the time savings.



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