Tile Gone Wild!

What happens when ceramic tile and stone tiles meet with extremely foolhardy risk,  stunning ineptitude, and the just plain bizarre?  Well, find out here.  And don’t say we didn’t warn you …

1. The Knuckle Breaker
If an improv Karate stunt is in your future, breaking tile with your hands seems like the obvious solution but beware, it can go one of two ways; good or horribly bad. In this case, the outdoor martial arts master seems to have bit off more than he could chew.

2. Head Bangers Blunder
When the old school act of breaking tile with your hands becomes mundane, why not use your head to do the dirty work? Although there’s thousands of videos with people breaking tiles over their heads, this one shows how NOT to go about the feat.

3. Chubby Tile Slide
When wooden dance floors lose their appeal, take to the tile. If used correctly, the human body can really get moving across the surface – sound effects required!

4. Target Practice
Anyone can shoot pop cans in an empty field but using ceramic tile for your target practice makes for a much more entertaining show – watch it explode!

5. Oooh Dominoes
For the more academic folk looking to have fun with extra tiles, try setting them up in creative ways like falling dominoes. They won’t explode like the more destructive deviations but it sure looks cool.

6. Rally Car Racing
Wetted tiles makes for a virtual ice rink. Though you’ll probably break your neck if you try to walk across, try throwing your dog or remote control car into the mix and watch the slip n slide in action.

7. Fire in the Hole
Although the demolition act in this video is probably illegal (hence the facial disguises), blowing up a crate of tiles is probably quite liberating as long as you stay clear of the spraying shrapnel and manage to keep all of your fingers intact.

8. Cannonball
Due to their slick nature, skateboarders love a nice run of tile. In this video, however, it looks like the skateboarder combined the “Chubby Tile Slide” with the “Head Bangers Blunder” from above to create his own version of the classic Cannonball.

9. Don’t Use a Marker
Whatever you decide to do with tile is your own business but what you SHOULDN’T do is use a marker when marking it. If it sounds confusing, the overly animated man in this video will walk you through it step-by-step while his 4 year old works the camera.

10. Tasmanian Devil
Guns and bombs tend to be a little fancy when it comes to demolishing tile – here is a more old school method involving simply two hammers, a strip of tile and a Tasmanian Devil.

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