Tile Layout, Installation, Cleaning, & Maintenance Round-Up

Tile for floors, walls, backsplashes, and for accents and decoration, is one of the oldest technologies on earth, common in nearly every civilization. The simplicity, visual appeal, and outright practicality of tile for these uses is undeniable, and timeless.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about tile; how to lay them out, apply grout, repair tile and more. So, just by way of a round-up post that summarizes our series, here’s a retrospective that ties it all together.

Tile layout for floors: a how-to guide

Particularly when you’ve got natural color variation, laying out your tile is an important part of how your space will look when you’re done. This post outlined some basics steps on how to get started when planning on the tile layout that best suits the effects you’re aiming for.

Setting and installing tiles: a how-to guide

Once the basic layout has been decided upon, the next step is setting the tiles permanently, including steps to take when mixing the all-important thin-set. This post took you through these important steps.

Grout application and finishing tiles: a how-to guide

Applying grout correctly is vital to the overall look and success of your tile installation. This post gave you a solid starting point to help ensure the results you’re after.

How to fix a damaged tile

Accidents can happen, and sometimes individual tiles need to be repaired or replaced. This post gave you some practical advice on how to see to this important job, and to restore the look of the space.

We hope you enjoyed the tile mini-series and found it useful!

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