Tile, Textures, and Treatments: Home Decor To See & Feel

When we’re planning a home decor makeover, or even a single change to a room, it’s sometimes easy just to think about the visual aspects. This is easily forgivable, since visuals are a big piece of the puzzle. But, another way to approach a home decor re-fit is to think about a wider range of senses – like touch!

Luckily, when you’re thinking about resurfacing floors with tile for instance, there are a lot of options now open to you. Tile is known for resembling stone, primarily. Because like stone, porcelain and other ceramics come from the same place – deep in the earth.  And we’ve talked quite a bit about wood grain porcelain tile, too that shows that porcelain tile holds a lot of potential beyond that.

But, here are some variations of porcelain tile that adds in another important element to a living space that literally makes it more sensual.

Textile surface styles for porcelain tile

But, here’s a type of tile that diverges from the norm a bit. It’s a porcelain tile that mimics the look, and the feel of a textile texture.

"Eggplant" textile porcelain tile adds another dimension to a modernist interior design - touch! Click the image to see more details.

For those of you looking for a sleek and modern look, and with the added tactile element that adds to that visual, this approach may be one to go for.

Texture, and the suggestion of movement

To continue with the relationship between visuals and textures, the suggestion of movement on a visual front thanks to a textured surface is another step from a good design to a great one. Here with this type of surface-treated porcelain tile, we are treated to a prime example.

"Black" porcelain tile from the Kaska label Element Series for kitchen floors and other areas. Find out more by clicking the image.

This is of course a kitchen tile installation. And because it’s porcelain, you’re still getting all of the practical benefits of surface hardness, and waterproof and stainproof qualities as well. But, the subtle grooves in the surface of the tile give this floor a sense of dynamism, of movement. And the appearance of a textured surface and the suggestion of how it feels really adds dimension to the room as a whole.

Porcelain tile that looks like metal tile

Another aspect of touch and visuals is the idea of temperature as well as texture. The tile industry has met all kinds of expectations for surfaces that meet these kinds of sensual dimensions, including porcelain tile that looks like metal tile. Take a look at this example that demonstrates a reflective, and literally cool, tile surface.

This is "Jupiter Iron" porcelain tile. If you're looking to turn your space into a Jules Verne-inspired space, or in ultra-modern industrial style, this series is particularly worth looking into. Click the image to investigate further.

If you’re looking to create an industrial or steampunk look in a flooring surface, a countertop, or a wall, the textural and visual value of this variety of tile may help you get there.

Tile is versatile!

Even if tile is one of the oldest varieties of building material there is, you can see that it has multi-sensual elements that continue to translate into modern design and modern spaces. It continues to amaze that such a simple element can address the human need for visual and textural variety in this same way.

What function does tile flooring, tile walls, countertops,  and accent pieces play in your spaces? Where is the untapped potential? What styles have you thought about pursuing that tile could help you to realize?

Tell us all about it in the comments section!



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