Tiny House Round-up

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Small houses appeal to me for many reasons – small utility bills, less housework and maintenance, cozy, no wasted space. I’m talking less than 1000 square feet. Now the Tiny House is getting popular, and it can have less than 100 square feet! That’s a bit cramped for me, unless I’d be living in a location where it was summer year round, and shelter was a place to get out of the elements. I do find Tiny Houses intriguing, though, so here is a handful to entertain and inspire you.

Tiny house

Photo:Tammy Strobel

1. The nuts and bolts of building a Tiny House from dream to moving in!

My first house was a 22’ travel trailer with a living room added on. I could easily have lived in the trailer alone! Here is an Airstream remodeled by an architect. I could so do this!


Photo: Marcin Wichary

2. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company sells house plans if you’re not feeling creative enough to design your own space.

3. Live and work space in about 500 sq ft in New York City.

Photo: Frank Oudeman, Sean Karns (http://jpda.net/)

4. Talk about infill! No space wasted on this block!

5. Some tiny houses are portable to move around a piece of property or to travel in. it’s good to be flexible! This one has become a vacation rental.

6. Instead of Tent City for the homeless, we could create Tiny House City with comfortable accommodations that are affordable to build.

Tiny houses by Emily Carr students

Photo: Students of Emily Carr University, Vancouver BC

7. Tiny houses are so popular as a way to downsize, live lightly and save money that a documentary is in the process of being filmed. It’s due to be released in the spring of 2012. Catch the trailer here.

If you are interested in tiny houses, you can join the Small House Society.

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