Tips for Becoming a Successful DIYer

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Are you a DIYer or have you always aspired to make your own projects or attempt to do-it-yourself?  I’ve always had the drive to make-things-over and feel DIYing is alot of fun, but it also can sometimes lead to frustration and failed projects, but that’s okay.

Here are a few tips to becoming a successful DIYer.

Accept imperfections

Not everything results in a perfect project.  Many of the things I create, don’t turn out how I originally planned, but I am accepting of my efforts and proud of my accomplishments!   It’s important not to expect too much of yourself, especially if it’s your first time attempt.  Challenging yourself with do-it-yourself projects, keeps you young and your mind fresh, so accept imperfections and continue creating.

Have patience

With anything new in life, there is a learning curve.  On your first (or second or third) attempt at DIYing, remember to take it one step at a time.  Allow for twice the amount of time than you think a project will take, so you are not rushed and can take each step slowly.  Each time there after,  you will have that much more knowledge under-your-belt and can continue making tweaks to make it perfect (or close to perfect).

It’s about the experience, not the result

When DIYing, you are allowing your brain to think outside-the-box to create something of your own.  The fear of making a mistake is understandable, but without trying, there is really no lesson learned.  The result of your creation may not be what you expected or envisioned, but it’s the process that you took that makes your creation worth while.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

The blogosphere is filled with amazing inspiration, yet it can often be overwhelming with the endless possibilities!  Upon seeing something that intrigues you or inspires you to create your own, think how you can make it and then add your own twist or unique element(s).  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, but think outside-the-box, to make your own creation.

Use the “right” tools

Having the right materials and using the right tools makes for a much easier project.  When in the planning stages of a project, create a material list so you will be completely prepared once you start your project.  Even if the project entails materials that you already have in your home, it’ll help to write them down so you can gather everything beforehand.

DIYing can be alot of fun, but sometimes frustrating.  By being prepared, accepting imperfections, and having the right materials, you can save money and create something to call your own.

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Jenna Burger

Jenna Burger is a talented and creative bargain-shopper, DIYer, and Interior Designer. Through her daily blog and resource website, SAS Interiors, she is dedicated to showcasing simple, affordable, and stylish interior design solutions, ideas, and inspiration for the everyday homeowner.