Tips for Shopping Online

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Hi all,

Increasingly, flooring consumers from contractors to DYIers are recognizing the merits of working with an online retailer. Traditional store-front retailers are reacting to a lose of market share generally in one of two ways: either rushing to supplement their current business model with an online presence, or, quite frankly, fear mongering. Common indictments are that online retailers either don’t offer or won’t honour a product waranty, or the old standard “fly-by-night” label.

The truth is, the online market place is no different in this respect to the traditional market place; there are the good and the bad.

Homer simpson angel and devil

The good news is that long term success in business still rides predominantly on two virtues: honesty and integrity. These virtues and the guidelines they offer are just as necessary and easily followed running an online business as any other- perhaps more so.

The trick is determining what side of the fence any given online retailer resides on. Going forward I’m going to be offering tips for shopping online. I encourage your participation!



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Matt Dickinson