Tips For Taking Great Photos

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Consider the following BEFORE YOU BEGIN:

  • Remove Clutter from the room (items that will distract from the main subject). The simpler the photo the better!
  • Make sure that the product you have installed has been COMPLETED! Remove all debris from the installation and ensure that the room has been properly cleaned and is free of dust.
  • Clean and position furniture neatly, close cupboards, closets, etc.
  • Make sure the room scene is free of people, pets, children, etc.
  • Check the PICTURE QUALITY in your CAMERA SETTINGS – make sure that you are taking photos at the HIGHEST and/or BEST or FINEST JPG quality possible.
  • Pay attention to the amount of light coming into the room through blinds, curtains and adjust accordingly. Make sure the room is lit well enough to show suitable detail in the photo.
  • Walk around the room and choose the best angle that compliments the product. If you are unsure of the best angle, take several photos of various angles. Do not submit multiple photos of the same composition.


  • Use a tripod to avoid camera-shake. Your images must be IN FOCUS in order to be considered for our website.
  • Use the widest angle possible on your camera. In other words, ZOOM OUT to show as much of the room scene as possible
  • Should your camera have Manual settings, best is to use the lowest ISO (ie: 100 ISO) and a long exposure without flash. This will pick up the ambient light (existing lights in your room scenes), giving them warmth and ambiance. Using a low ISO setting will result in a clearer photo with no digital “NOISE” (NOISE is the equivalent to GRAIN in film photography).
  • Also, when using a flash, check that there are no reflections of the flash itself in mirrors, windows and other shiny surfaces. Also, notice if there are HOT SPOTS (overexposed areas where the flash hits directly) reflecting off shiny furniture, cupboards, etc. This can be corrected by simply adjusting the angle of the camera slightly.





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