Tom Cruise Almost Visits BuildDirect Sort of, But Not Really

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Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise visited BuildDirect’s offices on Monday this week. Well, not actually inside our offices, per se. But, he flew over our office in a state-of-the art-helicopter while filming Mission Impossible:4.

We think.

Look at this exciting, edge-of-your-seat footage captured by our Dan Brodie, VP of IT:


Or, not.

Actually, we’re not even sure if Tom Cruise is actually in the helicopter.

It’s definitely a camera-copter though.

Or, it might not be.

OK, so this is kind of a non-story.

What is true for certain though is that they are filming Mission: Impossible 4 here in Vancouver, our city being known in the industry as Hollywood North concurrently with Toronto. One of the more recent films shot here was Tron: Legacy, with many of the sets still up in nearby Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, also home to Canada Motion Picture Park.

Over the years, we’ve seen many films (or rather film crews) in our streets and rooftops near our offices for movies like Catwoman, The Fantastic Four, and the Blade movies, among many others.  The TV series Dark Angel was shot here too, with at least one episode shot in the alley behind our building.

We’re excited about being in the heart of a city that regularly hosts film companies making all kinds of movies for you to enjoy wherever you live. When Mission: Impossible 4 comes out, I know you’ll think of BuildDirect.

Well. You probably won’t.



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