Tool Chests: Modern Kitchens with More Functionality

kitchen storage solution

Kitchen storage is a big issue in every home, so a functional kitchen storage solution that can serve in multiple duties are great! Especially when they look this good.


When it comes to ideas, there’s no better spot to get inspired than on social media, and we recently learned that when a room scene shared on our BuildDirect Facebook page turned people on to the beauty of using our Hyxion/Thor tool chests as a creative kitchen storage solution.

Sure, there are endless configurations of kitchen cabinets available, but this one’s wheely good for versatility and style. Sometimes, thinking outside the décor box can not only result in a striking look, but it can dramatically improve a space’s functionality.

Made with 430-grade stainless steel and an easy-clean anti-fingerprint finish, these industrial-look tool chests will bring a modern style to your kitchen while making your kitchen more useful and versatile than ever.

Scenarios: Solved!

kitchen storage solution

Rolling tool chest in the kitchen. Versatility, functionality, and a departure from the usual. (72″ 15 Drawer Rolling Metal Tool Chest from BuildDirect.)

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Unlock the wheels and push it aside for more space.

Raising young kids? The entire chest is lockable, making it easy to keep everything from kitchen knives and fragile china through to stomach-burning chili peppers out of reach from little ones.

Are you a big traveler and into house-swapping or getting house-sitters to watch your pets? Don’t worry about the expensive Mezcal you brought back from your Mexican honeymoon or your 22-year-old single-malt Islay Scotch; just lock the unit and forget about it.

What if you had a nice flush threshold between your kitchen and your patio? Imagine being able to just wheel one of these guys out for backyard entertaining with no grief or hassle.

The handy wood-topped units give you all kinds of food prep space no matter what you’re working on, from hot dogs for the whole gang to elaborate mis en place for a winter simmer-all-day feast.

Beyond that, with models available in four-foot through eight-foot lengths, these will add a ton of storage making it the perfect kitchen storage solution.

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But wait, there’s more – potential, that is!

But why stop in the kitchen? What about a hardcore crafting room that requires a slew of drawers? It’s got those drawers and a full-size work surface too. Maybe a work-at-home photographer needs the drawers for filters, contact sheets, gear, and other tools of the trade. Maybe you want industrial stylings in a funky living room, but with surface space to put your large-screen TV while storing everything from boardgames and DVDs through to your remotes.

Moveable storage with a useful counter is a fantastic addition to any room, but it’s not always this attractive, and they frequently have open shelving, which can expose your clutter for all to see – or be a disaster in the making with pets or young children. These kitchen storage cabinets bring everything you want to a space, with secure doors and locks to boot. Cleaning them is easy, but moving them to clean your floor in-depth is a breeze too.

thor kitchen storage chest movable 48 inch

With a built-in lockable cupboard that has an adjustable shelf, Thor Kitchen’s Tool Cabinets are adaptable to meet your storage needs.

Think about drawers you’ve stored spices in over the years. Don’t they take on the smell of the spices, no matter what? There’s that eau de paprika-garlic-cinnamon-curry that hits you every time you open the drawer. It’s not just the bottles, it’s seeped into the wood too. The latter won’t be a problem with this high-grade steel.

Heavy duty for heavy stuff

When you’re looking for kitchen storage furniture, really think about all the ways you’ll use it in years to come. Have you ever picked up a Kitchenaid stand mixer? They’re crazy heavy! How about a cast iron Dutch oven? Skip the gym and use it for “weight-lifting” and you’ll be buff in a matter of days.

Consider all those heavy items and then consider what the weight-bearing load of caster wheels are for traditional islands. With these Thor/Hyxion units, there’s nothing to worry about – they can handle a whopping 660 pounds each. Even the drawers are built for heavy-duty service. How often have your drawers given up and gone off-track at home? Not a problem with these guys – they have 100-pound-load ball bearings to ensure smooth rolling for decades to come.

If you’re thinking about kitchen renovations, maybe some of these units could give you more security and functionality with a side of style.

Have you thought outside the box for your kitchen storage solution? What did you do? Would you recommend it to others? Why? Tell us in the comments section below.

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