Top 2015 Bathroom Design Trends

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We explore some of the boldest bathroom design trends, for those who like to enjoy every single minute spent in the bath or shower.


According to a British study, the average person spends about 1.5 years of his or her life in the bathroom. That’s a lot of time spent sitting on the throne, styling your hair, brushing your teeth or putting makeup on.

The bathroom may be a typically smaller room in your house, but it doesn’t mean it should go neglected, decor-wise. A beautiful bathroom makes you feel comfortable, happy and relaxed, even when you’re doing mundane things like taking a shower or brushing your hair.

For 2015, lots of bathroom trends focus on natural, sustainable elements as well as statement lighting and smart water control. The bathroom of 2015 is design-aware, avoids cramped or closed spaces, and has statement features like colorful tiles or custom counters. Let’s have a look at some of our favorite trends for the coming year.

1. Free-standing tubs

A free-standing tub is among the trendiest pieces of the 2015 bathroom. Interestingly, they evoke a time when tubs were literally that, containers big enough to hold an adult that you filled with hot water. But the free-standing tub of today uses lines and materials that definitely put them in 21st century.

Modern Bathroom by Cupertino Architects & Building Designers anat shmariahu

This square tub definitely sets itself apart with straight lines and right angles. The side faucet also lets you stretch your legs as much as you want (a perennial frustration of mine). I love the use of grey (another 2015 bathroom trend), accented with yellow and brown. The harsh angles of the furniture is softened by plenty of flowers and softer textures.

Traditional Bathroom by Beverly General Contractors The Remodeling Company

I love the elegant, graceful lines of this tub. This bathroom features classic design choices like seashells and dried coral, but it does so without being overly “hotel-like”. I love the subtle touch of color from the painting.

2. Nature

The bathroom of 2015 is all about reconnecting to nature. Whether it’s natural materials like stone or wood, an abundance of plants or even vertical gardens, it’s time to move away from industrial sanitation and back to the simple pleasure of bathing in a forest creek.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers Mark Brand Architecture

Make wood your statement material by putting it along a whole wall. Accent it with some interesting stone (like this gorgeous marbled countertop) and you have a natural heaven right in your home.

Contemporary Bathroom by Beverly Interior Designers & Decorators Finn-Martens Design

This year’s bathroom isn’t afraid to add plenty of plant life. Vertical gardens make use of otherwise empty wall space. Choose plants that love moist environments and that clean up the air, for a refreshing and vivifying time bathing or showering.

3. Light

Bathrooms are now spaces where designers experiment with lighting. With the increasingly cheaper LED-type lamps hitting the market, it’s easy to integrate interesting, localized lighting with color effects.

Contemporary Powder Room by Mexico City Architects & Building Designers PAUL CREMOUX studio

This tiny powder room gains in space and beauty with some careful lighting choices. It looks like rays from the sun bathe the sink area–even in the middle of the night. The indirect lighting from behind a wall also softens what could otherwise be very harsh light.

Eclectic Bathroom by Austin Photographers Fine Focus Photography

How AMAZING is this bathroom? The semi-transparent orange material, the colorful paintings, the gorgeous hardwood… But we’re focusing on lighting here, so note how you can now have lights in the bath (kind of like lights in the pool) and provide lighting from under the counter rather than just above.

4. Tile

This year, feel free to choose the most outrageous, colorful tile at the store for your bathroom. No, it doesn’t need to be black, white or beige. It doesn’t need to be square or rectangular. All it needs to have personality and reflect your tastes.


Industrial Bathroom by Other Metro Architects & Building Designers Marco Dellatorre

There is nothing ordinary about this colorful tile. It’s like taking a bath on a dance floor. I love that the main color still is orange: orange activates creativity, and everybody knows that some of our best ideas come while our minds wander, in the shower or in the tub.

Contemporary Bathroom by Northern Ireland Kitchen & Bath Designers Helen scott

Are your tastes a little more baroque? Tile nowadays can do pretty much anything, including this amazing lattice-like design that seems illuminated from behind. I just love the shimmering gold and bronze tile floor of this shower too, like a thousand pennies in a public fountain!

The 2015 bathroom is bold

As you can see, bathrooms this year can be anything, from traditional to definitely contemporary. As long as it’s bold in some way–bold in shape, bold in color, bold in lighting, bold in materials–it will have instant design appeal.

Which of these trends is your favourite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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