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Top 5 Flooring Tools

Though much of the internet will be preoccupied with Daylight Savings today, we’re doubling down on our celebrations and observing National Worship of Tools Day. This event presents an opportunity to spend a day dedicated to the tools you cherish. Go into the storage closet, the garage, the tool chest, or anywhere else you may keep your tools. Reorganize them, create something new with them, clean them, or buy new ones.

To get into the spirit of #WorshipOfToolsDay, we’re featuring our top 5 best selling flooring tools and giving you a bit of background on why they’re so popular.

Our Top 5 Flooring Tools:

1. DT-180 Rubi Wet Tile Saw

Top 5 Flooring Tools

The DT-180 Rubi Wet Tile Saw will cut through almost any material, including floor tiles, porcelain, and wall tiles. It can cut up to 18 inches diagonal on tiles that are up to 2 1/4 inches thick. In addition, this saw can perform plunge, miter, and bevel cuts. By tilting the motorhead, you can make 45-degree bevel cuts. Make plunge cuts happen when you lower the motorhead and cut the pieces from the middle.

The saw comes with a stand, 7-inch Premium Blade, operator’s manual, and miter guide. The bearing rollers are precision-sealed rollers to deliver a cutting action that’s straight and smooth. A powerful 9 amp motor is in the saw with 6500 revolutions per minute (rpm). This saw works well to cut tiles to any size desired while delivering precise edges on every cut.

2. DT 250 Evolution Rubi Wet Tile Saw

Top 5 Flooring Tools

The DT 250 Evolution Rubi Wet Tile Saw will rip tile up to 24 inches and 18 inches diagonally. The saw works well for porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, and masonry products that are a maximum of 3 3/4 inches thick. A 10-inch Arrowhead Diamond Blade and folding stand are included with the saw, with an input of 15 amps and 120-volt AC.

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Rubi Wet Tile Saw DT 250 EVOLUTION (10″ blade included) WITH STAND SKU: 15054648

The no-load speed is 4,000 rpm, and you can achieve controlled non-through cuts with the plunging head. Achieve bevel cuts by adjusting the head to zero degrees, 22.5 degrees, or 45 degrees. The saw’s aluminum table is topped with rubber to create a durable and strong work platform for any project. And, to top it all off, each table is equipped with portable functionality and storing convenience. It folds up into the shape of a dolly so that it can be transported from job site to job site, or in and out of your storage, with ease.

3. Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Stapler

Wood + Supply Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Stapler  SKU: 15020782

Wood + Supply Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Stapler SKU: 15020782

The Pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Stapler is great for putting together hardwood floors quickly. This stapler will make sure your flooring stays in place for years to come. You’ll find the flooring staples it delivers are 15.5Ga staples; achieve perfect placement for the staples by using the adjustable base. The stapler has a height of 18 inches, a length of 15 inches, and a width of 6 inches.

4. DU-200 EVO 25-Inch Wet Saw

Rubi DU-200 EVO 25" Wet Saw SKU: 15054649

Rubi DU-200 EVO 25″ Wet Saw SKU: 15054649

The DU-200 EVO 25-Inch Wet Saw is the newest 8-inch bridge saw in Rubi’s line. The saw works well for cutting large pieces of granite, stone, tile, and marble that are up to 25 inches long (or 18 inches by 18 inches diagonally). This saw is foldable for miter cuts and has sliding bearings. A 1-inch arbor and 8-inch diamond blade are also included with the saw.

Need to make repetitive cuts? You can with this saw by adjusting a lateral stop and square up to a 45-degree angle. This saw also features built-in foldable legs and a 1.1 hp direct-drive motor that operates at 2,790 rpm.

5. DC-250-850 38-Inch Wet Saw

Top 5 Flooring Tools

Rubi DC-250-850 38″ Wet Saw SKU: 15054650

The DC-250-850 38-Inch Wet Saw has a new rail system and precision moving head. This professional 1.5 hp tile saw is great for porcelain, glass, ceramic, stone, marble, and other items that measure up to 27 inches diagonally or 38 inches long. Achieve miter and plunge cuts with this one saw. A 5/8-inch arbor and 10-inch diamond blade are included with the saw. You’ll get direct transmission and a single-phase motor with 1.1 kW and a thermal protector.

Comfortable transport is possible with built-in wheels and folding legs. The extruded aluminum tables can easily be removed so that you can clean the machine. A water pump cooling blade controls flow control.

The Rubi brand has been committed to workers’ safety when installing tile. As such, the company has the zero-dust system in collaboration with its dust-free working program to decrease how many quartz dust particles become breathable when the device is in use.

Worship Your Tools For Years To Come

The tools above make great options to add to your current collection. Whether you need a wet saw to cut tile or a stapler to secure your hardwood floors in place, the brands presented above are some of the most reputable around. The tools you’ll purchase will last you for years to come, and you won’t have to replace them on a continual basis. They’ll help you work around the house more efficiently, giving you more time for other projects. Remember to maintain them throughout the years by not letting them rust and keeping them in dry places. Regular maintenance of your tools will help them last longer and save money over time.

In the meantime, don’t forget to clean off your current tools around your home. Whether they need to be sharpened or cleaned, they’ll look better once you’re done cleaning them. They’ll also work better and maintain their longevity so that you hopefully won’t have to perpetually replace them in the future. You can continue to build your tool collection so that you’ll always have what you need on hand for a project, no matter if your project is small or big. Tools are a valuable investment, but when maintained well, they can make any project you tackle more enjoyable.

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