6 New York Interior Designers That Have Defined NY Style

New York City Skyline

image: William Warby

New York is known as a city of style and sophistication. It is considered a leading trend setter in many markets, especially interior design. There are six main New York designers are leading the way for innovation in their interior design work.

1. Foley & Cox

foley and cox interior designers

Image via Foley & Cox website

Foley & Cox was founded in 2002, specializing in high-end residential spaces in NYC. They also offer unique design services for private aircraft interiors and yacht design. Designs are elegant and modern while incorporating details of the home environment to give the space context.

Foley & Cox are known for incorporating their client’s specific tastes and style into their design work. They teach interior designers throughout the country that the work they do is for the client, and their tastes are one of the most important parts of a design.

2. Celerie Kemble

celerie Kemble

Image via Flickr by ontheinside

Kemble Interiors was founded in 1982 originally in Florida. A NYC office opened in the 90s under the direction of Celerie Kemble. She strives to incorporates elements of surprise into every one of their design spaces. Each space designed is unique and shows off personality. This reminds designers the importance of keeping their work original and not following into a mechanical design slump.

3. Amanda Nisbet

amanda nisbet

Image via Picasa Web by Habitually Chic

Amanda Nisbet Design was founded in 1998 to bring elegant and at the same time livable style into her projects. Amanda’s work always has tons of personality within her design spaces. The rooms seem to dance with a perfect combination of elegance and fun. Her work shows other designers that elegance does not have to look like a cold museum.

4. Brad Ford

Brad Ford interior designer

Image via Merida

Brad Ford I.D. was established in 1998 with a goal of creating elegant, understated New York living spaces. His spaces radiate class and sophistication by focusing on clean lines and a minimalist approach to design work. Everything he chooses has a unique shape and visually appealing lines that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a space. His work shows that every aspect of a design project needs to be hand crafted and individually selected.

5. Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer

Image via TomScheerer.com

Tom Scheerer is a unique leading NYC designer because his focus and inspiration begins with the architectural structure. His spaces contain an open and airy feel thanks to his deep knowledge of architecture. His design is clean and modern with consideration to spatial relationships. Tom’s work teaches designers the importance of understanding the foundation of a space – its architecture. You can buy Tom’s book, Tom Scheerer Decorates here.

6. Bunny Williams

bunny williams

Image via Bunny Williams Interior Design

Bunny Williams is one of the leaders of NYC interior design due to her 22 years of quality design experience. New designers often look to her for guidance and inspiration in their own work. Her approach to design projects is classic and refined, creating spaces that are elegant and explore unexpected patterns and colors without disrupting the aesthetic of a space.

Intricacies that stand apart

These top designers in New York City all have little intricacies that allow them to stand apart from their competition. Their focus when designing and special space tricks are great guidance for the professional and casual designer.

Who are your favorite New York designers?


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