Top Brass: Meet the New Metal Decor Trend

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Are you planning on getting rid of your brass handles and other ornaments because they look old or out of style? HOLD UP! You may actually have the trendiest items in town right now.

Yes, brass is trendy again. This ancient alloy of copper and zinc, used since at least 3,000 BC for all sorts of objects like ornaments, vessels, high-relief sculptures and much more, is now a fashionable purchase for your home.

Brass for the home

Brass is a durable metal of a golden-brown color that has been used for home decor for quite a while. Typical brass ornaments include door and cupboard handles as well as metalwork in staircases and bed frames. Did you know that brass was antibacterial? Having brass door handles actually keeps your family healthier.

The trend comes from designers’ look back at the ’70s, when brass was also a popular material. So don’t be surprised to see shapes that remind you of the disco era: angles and geometrical shapes, for example. You can also find more contemporary styles if you don’t especially like the Saturday Night Fever special.

Colors with brass

Because of brass’ warm glow, I suggest you stick with neutral or warm colors.

For a stunning and bold use of brass, try getting one big piece (a brass coffee table, for example) and using white and black as your only other colors in the room. This will enhance the shine and warmth of brass, while giving its glow a chance to pop.

For a super-fashion look, try brass and emerald green, the Pantone color of the year. Together, they give a space an elegant look that seems almost royal. Try hanging a brass decorative item on a green accent wall–gorgeous!

Other great colors that work well with brass are old pink, beige, orange, certain types of blue (avoid very saturated blues, however), lavender, aqua, red, fuchsia,  salmon and brown.

Useful brass

Brass items go from purely decorative to totally utilitarian; let’s see what kind of practical objects look great in brass.

Lamps first come to mind: the way the light reflects on the surface is always pleasant. Brass lamps come in all sizes and shapes: from vintage desk lamps to contemporary table lamps, it will instantly attract the eye.

Brass is also invading the hanging light department! You will see a variety of chandeliers and hanging brass pendants in home décor and lighting stores. Pairing lighting with brass is the perfect way to add warmth and a vintage look to any room.

Speaking of brass and green, you will easily find great pots and planters for your house plants. Try the round, shiny type or look for brass with sculpted embellishments. Make your own Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the most useful brass accessory of them all: the door knob/handle! Dig out your old knobs from the 70s (totally vintage!) or get new ones. The great thing with brass knobs (aside from the antibacterial thing) is that they get more beautiful with age and use.

Decorative brass

For the accessories type, brass comes in all kinds of items for the home. Try a set of brass candelabras for a romantic look; few things compare to the reflection of fire in brass.

If you like antiquing, you might have luck finding original, vintage brass figurines and small sculptures. Put them on the fireplace, the windowsill or the bedside table. They even work great as a dining table centrepiece! With so many styles and kinds, you’ll find something that suits your tastes and your decor.

Mirror mirror… surrounded by brass! Mirrors in brass frames–whether small and hanging on walls or large and standing in the room–add a classic, vintage touch to any room. Try the large brass-framed full-sized mirror for a great focus piece in a bedroom.

Brass can also help you tell the time of the day. Forget about digital displays: go old-school with classic brass clocks that will remind you of a more elegant age. Find them in garage sales, antique shops and even on Etsy.

Last but not least: brass bookends will make your reading list much more stylish. Because they come in so many styles, from heavy and sculptural to delicate and decorative, you will find the perfect bookend to express your personality and your literary tastes.

Brass furniture

Don’t forget about brass furniture: side and coffee tables, chairs and bedframes. Brass lasts a long time and looks better with time, too!

How about you? Did you fall for the brass craze? What’s your top brass home décor pick? Share your ideas with us!

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