Totally Wacky and Unique Garden Shrubs, Bushes, and Hedges

We’ve all seen our fair share of standard-cut garden hedges lining our lawns but what happens when you apply a little imagination? Well, below is a gallery of uniquely crafted garden hedges that have taken a seemingly mundane landscaping staple and transformed them into wacky pieces of eye candy.


Stained glass shrubs

Leading this gallery in grand fashion is this most amazing spread of garden hedges. Aside from the fact that these hedges are so intricately shaped, the colorful flowers planted within the garden mosaic nearly creates the illusion of a stained glass window.

Pie crust hedges

While these particular garden hedges are an obvious landscaping work of art, they look more like a culinary triumph than anything else. Much like the woven top crust of an apple pie, these interlaced hedges are a truly unique visual masterpiece.

Arborist arches

Resembling something similar to overgrown insect legs or the natural wonders at Arches National Park near Moab, UT, these large shrubs span all the way overhead to create a 180º garden hedge tunnel like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Garden hedge amoebas

Taken straight out of the pages of a biology textbook, here is a cluster of hedges that looks more like amebas than any kind of garden hedge. Each one totally unique, it must take forever to maintain this wacky set of hedges!

Biker bushes

While the garden hedges above have employed more abstract shapes in creating their wonderful effects, this “biker bush” has taken a realist approach instead. Carefully incorporating both the ground cover and the hedges themselves to paint a picture, this garden hedge is sure to turn some heads!

The racecar hedge

Speaking of turning some heads, landing on the list as one of the more playful entrants of the bunch, here’s a garden hedge for the Indy car lovers of the world. While this racecar shrub might not be for everyone, most anyone can appreciate its attitude and the amazing attention to detail.

Herd of hedges

For the animal lovers that are looking to get a bit more creative with their garden hedges this summer, look to these two different herds of elephant hedges as inspiration. Whether it’s a group migration or individuals, you can feel like you’re on safari each time you look out your window.

Maze of Hedges

While you’ll probably never get lost in your single garden hedge out back, check out this amazing maze of hedges. Just like something you saw in Labyrinth and The Shining, there’s something eerily fun about this creative use of normal hedges. Hide and seek!

Geometric Shrubs

Forming a small maze of its own, here’s a wacky garden hedge that is reminiscent of some of the (alleged) alien crop circles – only this time geometric hedges. While they’re drastically different than your average hedge, we’re guessing it’s pretty peaceful to stand inside the walls of one of these oddities.

Kiss My Shrub

Lastly, to end this list of wacky garden hedges on a lighter note, here’s a comical shrub that’s the epitome of wacky. Of course, while it might give you and your family some good laughs, the neighbors might not find the same humor as you and yours.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of wacky garden hedges. While some of them are totally wacky and some of them are just plain cool, we believe they’re all unique.

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