Transform Your Basement Into A Home Gym

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Brava Rubber Floor Tiles – Interlocking Endurance Collection (“Cobalt”)

Getting to the gym can be as easy as going downstairs. Here are some points on how to create a home gym in your basement.


Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting fit. Rearranging your daily schedule, costly gym memberships, and commutes along with lacking the proper motivation to work out oftentimes get in the way. But now they won’t! The below ideas will help to transform your basement into your perfect fitness center.

Workout space and equipment needs

Having your own gym is actually quite exciting as you get to decide what exactly you need. Start with looking at your personal goals in terms of what are you hoping to accomplish. Will you be focusing on strength training or cardio? Knowing your goals ahead of time will help you plan the type of equipment needed. It will also help you to plan the amount of space needed as some exercise equipment such as a treadmill can take up more room than others.

Once you know the type of equipment you need to buy, you can start to design and layout your workout space. It is important to remember that in addition to the costs of re-doing your basement, you also have to take into consideration the cost of equipment. New equipment, while lasting longer, tends to be more expensive, shopping at second-hand stores and garage sales can lead to quality, less expensive fitness equipment.

Pick the right flooring

Oftentimes rubber flooring is the go-to; however, there are other options to consider when building your basement gym. Wall-to-wall carpet laid over rubber floors can enhance the room’s aesthetics, comfort, and value.

If you are considering a yoga and pilates room, hardwood floors or laminate flooring would be more suitable to fit your needs. What this step comes down to is cost and personal preference. How you want your gym to look and feel is up to you and will become the driving factor.


Install air-circulation

Whether you have chosen to install a weight training room, yoga room, or cardio room it is vital that you install overhead fans. Keeping the air flowing will help to cut the musty, sweaty smell that oftentimes can build up in a fitness area.

Add mirrors and lights

While you might feel silly installing mirrors, this is actually a good safety feature. Looking at yourself in the mirror allows you to keep a close eye on your form, therefore helping you prevent injury when doing exercises. Whether it be natural or artificial, lighting is crucial. A well-lit room also provides more motivational energy for you to burn off those calories.

Choosing the right furnishings and accent pieces

When designing your fitness space, it is important to choose the right paint colors and accent pieces. For cardio rooms, bold, bright colors such as golds, oranges, or neons help to create an energizing effect that in turn boosts your energy. For a yoga and pilates room, painting in mellow colors such as softer blues and greens helps to create a soothing effect.

Whatever your style may be—sports paraphernalia, motivational quotes, and inspiring photography—accent pieces help to personalize your fitness room.

Once this transformation is complete, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goal of getting fit in the comfort of your own home.


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