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I was watching TV the other day when an ad came on that I found refreshing. It was a commercial for Campbell’s Soup. It begins with a close up of a man’s face and slowly pans back. The narrator tells the story of Campbell’s asking this individual how he feels about Campbell’s Soup. The individual replies that he doesn’t always feel comfortable serving it at home. By now the camera has panned back just far enough to reveal the Campbell’s crest on the individual’s shirt. The narrator then says that Campbell’s found this strange…since the individual actually works for Campbell’s Soup.

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The add finishes up by informing the audience that Campbell’s is now producing soups with substantially less sodium. Responding to changing market conditions is natural- if customers are demanding healthier options, give them healthier options. But what Campbell’s has done here is significantly different. They are demonstrating that they believe their wholesome image is a true reflection of their core values. They are intimating that they had the presence of mind to poll those that, ideally, are the safeguards of those core values. Finding their product wanting, they took action. In doing so, they simultaneously improved their product offering and reinforced their valuable wholesome image. This is transparency in action. I hope to see more of it.



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Matt Dickinson