Travertine Tile Trends 2014

travertine tile vein cut room scene

In the thousands of years since it was used as a building material, the appeal of travertine has endured. It’s certainly proven itself to be a versatile surface, found in use in the Colosseum in Rome build in 80 A.D to the Obagi Skin Health Institute in modern Beverly Hills.

The unique characteristics of travertine seem to have universal appeal, crossing the lines of culture and of era as well. But, here at the end of 2013, what can we expect for travertine tile in the coming new year? Well, here are some trends that we at BuildDirect are expecting to see. And maybe in the new year, you can look to this list as a means of sparking your own creativity in creating spaces of your own with these trends in mind.

Let’s take a look.

“Wood look” vein cut travertine tile

The “grain” style patterning in longer style travertine tiles will continue to make an impact in 2014. The patterning in travertine is down to what’s called “vein cut” travertine, which is when the slab is cut in such a way to show the striations found in the rock bed. The result is that banded pattern that looks not unlike the patterns found in wood, although with a distinct pattern of its own.

vein cut travertine

This is an example of vein cut travertine. It’s not exactly like wood, of course. But, you can see the “grains” here that suggest that wood look, along with the characteristic liquid-like patterning that most associate with a sedimentary stone like travertine. This selection is ‘Matisse’ vein cut travertine tile in a herringbone style, which is another trend that’s upcoming; tile floor layouts that follow the same lead as wood flooring ones.

Softer edges

Edge style will affect the way a travertine surface is perceived in the upcoming year. With square edges, a continuous effect has been one look that has made its mark. But in 2014, the trend is shifting back toward softer edge style using travertine tile with “pillowed” edges for a more genteel look.

pillowed edge travertine

The above is an example of pillowed edges in an unfilled travertine tile. Specifically, this is Antique Pattern “beige”.

The return of silver travertine

Well, I say “return”. I suppose what I mean is that the charms of silver travertine are becoming more and more appreciated. Therefore, you can expect to see more of it in 2014. One of the aspects of silver travertine is that it tends to vary more drastically in terms of color range. So, for those looking for a  more uniform tonal range tended to stray away from it a bit.

Here’s an example of silver travertine in an antique pattern.

Silver travertine antique pattern

This example is an installation of  Silver Premium travertine.  The level of variation here is pretty dramatic, almost like slate in how dramatic it is. But, this look in a travertine is coming back for the new year, with bolder (even if it’s kind of an earthy bolder …) look.

Your thoughts?

Travertine is a singular type of natural stone. But, as you’ve seen, it’s one that offers a lot of options, and each one with its own benefits.

Which look works for you?

Will you be following these travertine tile trends for 2014?

Do you have ideas of your own which look in travertine fits with certain space?

Have you seen other trends emerging that aren’t covered here?

Let us know in the comments section?





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