Top 10 Trends For Green Building Growth in 2010

Notable green building consultant Jerry Yudelson offers an insight into trending green building growth for 2010, despite the global economic downsurge.  He has published his annual top ten list which outlines encouraging growth in a burgeoning green-based economy.

Watt Plaza Towers, LEED Gold Certified

“In putting together my Top Ten trends for 2010, I’m taking advantage of conversations I’ve had with green building industry leaders in the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia as I have traveled the world over the past year.” says Yudelson.

Author of 11 books about green building, and respected researcher in the field of sustainable commercial development,  Yudelson offers his top ten trends in green building for 2010.

1. 60% growth in green building development across the board.

2.  Green building, sustainability, and green economy initiatives will continue to be supported by the Obama administration.

3. Retro-fitting existing buildings will be a point of focus, surpassing even new green building projects.

4. Increasing concerns over water consumption will initiate steps to further maximize efficiencies and new technologies including rainwater recovery.

5.  Green building council chapters will increase globally, with incentives put in place that are climatically and culturally in context from country to country.

6.  Third-party partnerships will form for the promotion of widespread solar energy technology, to be incorporated into state-level renewable energy standards.

7. Green building reforms on a municipal level, with more cities seeking to reduce emissions in both public and private sectors.

8. Net-zero design of new buildings will become more commonplace in residential and commercial development, as LEED and Energy Star ratings (and the long-term cost savings they represent) are leveraged to gain winning bids.

9.  A greener supply-chain, particularly on the retail level.

10. European green building principles and technologies to become better known as knowledge and talent is imported to North America.

And Yudelson offers an 11th bonus prediction:

Green building principles and practices will become the more norm on university campuses.

Jerry Yudelson  is the the principal of Tucson-based green building consulting company, Yudelson Associates, a leading international firm focusing on sustainability planning and green building consulting.  He is a frequent speaker at Greenbuild, the largest sustainability conference in North America, an event for which he served as chair from 2004 to 2009.

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