Uh-Oh! Repairing Minor Gashes in Wood Flooring

Moving furniture around is a pretty common activity, particularly before Thanksgiving and in the Yuletide season too.  And during these times of shifting objects around on a wood floor, it’s also pretty common to get the sinking feeling that things have gone horribly wrong too.

When a chair leg or shelving unit suddenly judders across the surface of a solid wood floor and you can almost feel the gash opening up, you know you’re going to have to take some extra steps to making your interior ready for company.  It’s a real “uh-oh…” moment


‘Uh-oh!’ image courtesy of Orin Optiglot.

I found this article about ways to make minor repairs to your wood floors.  One of the points the article makes is that it’s always a good idea to actually see to the repair rather than attempting to cover it up.  The article talks about the potential embarrassment of having to answer the question of ‘why didn’t you repair it?’ if attempts to hide the scratch with a throw-rug aren’t successful.  But, I think another reason is that a scratch can make the floor more vulnerable to moisture, which can cause even more long-term damage to the floor as a whole.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find the tips in the article as useful as I do.



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