The Ultimate Patio Lantern Guide

During the upcoming warmer weather (any day now!), the sprucing up of your outdoor living space is a perfect place to start.  To get the effect you want when you’re planning that outdoor get-together, or  the creation of an oasis of calm in your own backyard, is to think about the right lighting.

We’ve already offered you some outdoor lighting tips on this humble blog of ours. But, we’d like to bore down deeper, and put the, um, spotlight on a specific type of outdoor lighting that has served homeowners through various eras: the patio lantern.

Patio lanterns can take many forms and be incorporated into all kinds of outdoor living designs and styles, adding subtlety, and quiet charm. Further to that, patio lanterns can be incorporated into your green lifestyle, many of them charging on solar energy during the day so that they can light up your life at night! The right lighting can bring other outdoor living elements to life, from the comfort of your patio furniture, to the subtle textures of your stone pavers or wood deck. You can literally look at your outdoor living space in a whole new light.

Take a look at this ultimate patio lantern guide, to see which style suits your idea of enjoyable and stylish outdoor living.

Ultimate patio lantern guide

Me? I love those floating lanterns, myself!


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