Urban Cyling Solutions, Part 2

With Spring quickly on our heels and healthy-looking bodies on everyone’s mind, there’s not a better time to consider getting on the Bike Side of life!

If you live in urban spaces, it’s a great way to save time, get healthy, have fun, and get places all at once. The trouble is, where do you store your bike when you have a fantastic urban space that, well, has no space?

On the wall, baby.

Our trusty BuildDirect Green Blog bots scoured the whole of the interwebs, and we’ve found some pretty darn cool solutions, for everyone from the penny-pinching creative to the well-monied cycling die-hards. Here are a few solutions for you to consider, and why we love ‘em.

The BookBike by Byografia

This is probably one of the sexier expensive solutions, because it’s freestanding and you don’t have to remove a complicated installation if you choose to change homes. It’s sleek, streamlined, and offers a way to keep all your gear in the same narrow confines.

With a heavy bike to hang, this unit needs to be well-engineered, and this solution would be a difficult one to replicate safely at home without bolting it into a wall.

Aiming High: Ultra-small Space DIY Solution

For expensive, light bike frames, hanging it up high makes a smart solution. Vertical space is often wasted, when we have 8 or more feet of it, that’s just silly. This crafty use of a wheeled storage cart that’s perfectly high enough to fit under mounted bikes, and maybe wheeled over to a balcony for light maintenance work, makes it possible to save hundreds a year in shop-care fees while keeping your space orderly and, dare we say, cool-looking.

Minimalist for the DIY Woodworker

Its elegance and simplicity, with DIY awesomeness, sets this solution apart from many. As they say, less is more, and this installation speaks volumes. With a couple feet of fantastic quality hardwood, some power tools, and some loving attention, this rack/shelf combo turns your bike from a mode of transportation to a beautiful piece of art.

It Ain’t Sexy But It Sure Is Smart

When you have zero space, strong arms, and multiple bikes, the ceiling hook solution is a cost-effective way to go. For about $50 and an afternoon’s work, tops, you can do this install and solve your cycling chaos.

The $100 Cycloc: A Long-Term, Flexible Solution

Are you planning a move over the next while, where the only thing you know is it’ll be another small space where you’ll likely need a smart bike solution? Maybe this great Cycloc product is the way to go. Ingenious and affordable, it allows for vertical or horizontal storage, as you require. With funky pop colours and a brilliantly simple counter-balance method of storing, this one’s a popular, well-reviewed solution for nearly anyone. Brilliant solutions like these are when Design meets Function on Happy Street.

Stand in the Place Where You Are

Not just an REM song, stands are a quick, movable solution for those who don’t want to commit to one fixed place for bike storage. All kinds of floor stands exist, from basic wire frames you buy at all manner of retailers, through to functional and/or funky DIY stands you can build yourself. Many are meant to serve as maintenance structures, too, so you can gear up to greatness with a tune-up while watching JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot for the 12th time.

Never Leave Home Without It?

If you’re the ultimate urban cyclist and you almost never leave home without your bike, why not just hang it off your door with this cheap Off-the-Door bike solution? You’ll need a nice strong door (we know where you can buy those!) for this easier-to-find-in-the-UK product, but what a great space-saver for super-small urban homes where wall space isn’t exactly a luxury.

Whatever your plans, remember than an unsecured bike is a bike one knock-over away from a bent derailleur, banged-up tire, or chipped frame destined to rust. Quality bikes seldom depreciate quickly, so it’s worth caring for your investment with space management. Securely stored, your bike will last longer, and be a thing of inspiration, not an annoyance you need to struggle to keep upright behind your sofa.

Whether you buy a fancy product designed for the purpose of showcasing your bike, or you craft a solution yourself from found objects and hardware bits, there’s no end to ways you can curb your cycling chaos, if you see it as a focal point, and lifestyle, worth celebrating, and not an eyesore.

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