Uses For Bamboo: Reusable Water Bottles!

Blog post-wise,  one of our big hitters has been our post about 19 Uses For Bamboo.  As a sort of a coda to that the larger-scale post on this humble green blog, here’s a twentieth product to add to that list.

Where you might not consider building a bridge out of bamboo, wearing a bamboo motorcycle helmet, or planning to spend eternity in a bamboo coffin (!), finding a reusable water bottle made out of bamboo may be a more reasonable investment.

Bamboo has been established as an eco-friendly product, just because so many boxes are ticked when it comes to things like sustainable harvesting, durability, and the robust nature of the plant itself.  But in addition to its functionality as a material, bamboo’s unique appearance has made it something of a symbol for all of these virtues too.

As far as waving your green freak flag high with all of those symbolic implications in mind, many products made with bamboo are more than just functional. The unique look of bamboo is now a kind of a visual representation of alternative materials in general.  It stands as a symbol for the future of environmentally sound materials, including in the important area of packaging.

The prominent use of bamboo can be something of a statement, however modest, that stands as a reminder that alternative materials that don’t rely on plastics and other fossil fuel-derived packaging is the direction in which we need to be moving. In this sense, the use of products like this are becoming less about fashion, and more about the recognition of  important social and environmental imperatives that have to do with the health of our world, and as a result, our own health, too.

This is another important aspect when thinking about buying  products that use renewable materials like bamboo and glass instead of plastics; individual health and how much the health of the environment is tied to it.  When it comes to this example of a bamboo water bottle, the use of  non-plastics spares any leaching of manufactured materials into our systems while we’re drinking out of it.  And that’s just one example in a wide spectrum.

It’s important to remember  that our bodies are as much a part of the natural world as the streams, plant life, and animal life that we depend on to nourish them. This gives the word sustainability a whole range of meaning, the whole of which is worth exploring.

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